Super Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is probably the most motivated and energetic I've felt after smoking any kush. Definitely an excellent choice for moms trying to get the housework done before the kids get home.”

  • “picked up a quarter of this stuff and so far it's awesome. smoked a bowl of this i'm well medicated.”

  • “Pretty good smoke. Gives me a light, nice n happy head high. Along with the "wtf was I typing?" stoned you would get from this awesome Indy. Got me pretty damn burnt. Super Kush!!”

  • “I love the euphoric kick off this strain immediately engulfs the mind with. It's nice because my head still feels clear and I don't feel stupified. It's easing into a calm, relaxing, happy experience.”

  • “takes a while for this one to come on, slowly builds. Once you're fully in though you're like in a black hole of memory. Clear head. Feel good.”

  • “I vaped Super Kush last night and as the bag filled,I noticed the smoke wasn't all that thick, but it sure packed a nice punch. The initial euphoria was worth the experience alone. It calmed into a pleasant clear headed buzz with some nice waves through the body. I slept amazing.”

  • “Nice functional high, some euphoria and mild body stone. Good day time indica. I don't usually mix cultivars but I've been mixing this with some purple candy and wow! The two mixed is amazing, it's like two puzzle pieces fitting together. Try it if you get a chance.”

  • “Picked it up off a medical local dispenser online. Love the effects; I'm not stuck to the couch, but still feel a lot of body relaxation. I can focus cognitively, my mind doesn't race, and I feel an increased desire to be active. The taste isn't as fresh as I'd like, but it isn't harsh and has a mild earthy tone. Works great for a good price, would recommend for wanting to relax.”