Super Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “it fucked me up”

  • “I am liking the Super Skunk. Overall it is impressive. I was able to get some massive vape hits using my Pax on the highest setting. It gives you a nice cerebral head high with a mellow body stone. Food tastes extra amazing, and sex is extra incredible. Super Skunk's effects are pretty long lasting. A feeling of contentment washes over you and the stresses on your mind melt away. Medically it's good at taking a...”

  • “We got a few bowls worth of this as a sample and it was great. The aroma was quite pungent and smelled of skunk (of course) but with a sort of sweet pine undertone. The taste wasn't overwhelming but had a delicate citrus flavor hidden beneath a clean earthy flavor reminiscent of freshly composted soil. The buds were dense and burned nice and slow, which allowed us to get ample smoke for the small amount of buds that ...”

  • “Super Skunk is strong!! The high was extremely cerebral and intense, not relaxing at all for me and quite active. This strain comes on fast and is noticably much more potent than the pure indicas i've mainly been smoking recently. If your prone to anxiety or racing thoughts this is a strain I'd avoid, but if you like a powerful THC punch you will love Super Skunk!”

  • “Super skunk was very very good! you could smell it across the room and it took me 1 hit and I was feeling it.”

  • “Definately one of the best strains i've ever tried. The taste and the harshness really fuck it up but I think it's worth it for the hell of a stone you'll get.”

  • “First time smoking this stuff. I might add, pretty damn good. I got it last night, so when I smoked I already had another kind in me, so I wanted to give it a fresh start, of sorts, and smoke a joint this morning. Pretty uplifting & intense, yet relaxing, makes you happy. helped me with my nausea I usually get with hep c treatments. smell is pretty unique and intense out of the bag. very skunky, almost piney kind of...”

  • “Tried this stuff for the first time tonight - I took the first hit off the bowl and my buddy took the second - he coughed hard and as he told me that was a harsh hit I realized I was already starting to get high... Thats amazing for me. Later in the evening we smoked again and he didn't realize it was the same and said "wow that tastes nice!" . Loving this stuff! Gets that heady high where you think about something, ...”