Sweet and Sour Widow Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “After suffering from anxiety attacks, which turned into depression, I reached out and got my hands on some Sweet and Sour Widow for its CBD effects. An hour after smoking, I felt the anxiety, stress, and depression, lift and float away out the open window. The room felt brighter, everything felt better, and I saw my problems for what they were - temporary. Didn't need much of this at all for it to completely relax bo...”

  • “I use this for neuropathic pain at night. It knocks me out and gives me a whole night of restful pain free sleep . I've been able to cut my pharmacological meds in half after using this for a month, and hope to get off them entirely soon. The only downside is that if I take it too late I'm fuzzy headed in the morning, but a dose of sativa fixes that:-)”

  • “I'm a long time anxiety and panic attack sufferer. I bought a JuJu Joint in the "Sweet Sour Widow" strain, and zero joke... two hits took my anxiety away completely. Very slight high, but felt more relaxed and much better if anything. "Highly" recommend ;)”

  • “This is great for relaxation, happiness, and anxiety. It leaves me clear headed, NOT hungry, and still able to sleep when i am ready. My favorite so far.”

  • “First off I realize that each person's physiology is different and our bodies can react a little differently to things. with that, I read about this strain and was looking forward to trying it. I have Fibromyalgia and often need help with sleep, managing pain, etc. Unfortunately, I did not have a good experience with Sweet and Sour Widow. I've tried this strain a few times now, and each time I would take about 3 hit...”

  • “smells fantastic like beer hops. Relaxing body high! Awesome Bud!”

  • “Great for reducing pain and helping with a feeling of relaxation. Lazy and content.”

  • “A nice balanced hybrid with a smell true to it's name. Has an old school vibe, like a good friend is there to ease your worried mind. A most enjoyable strain to Netflix and vape.”