Sweet Baby Jane Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wow is she so sweet! The buds are super dense with incredibly swollen resin glands cover every inch of the flower. This strain has a nice aroma that blends citrus notes as well as the smell of the forrest on a rainy day. Being mostly an indica smoker, this strain is perfect for me. Super sedative and relaxing; a perfect way for me to melt into the couch and watch a movie or TV show and relax after a long days wor...”

  • “Beautiful buds and the delicious citrus smell is incredible!! This is my new go-to strain to consume after a long day. The relaxing efficacy that SBJ offers is a perfect way to calm my anxiety and wind down when I'm feeling extra stressed.”

  • “These buds look and smell AMAZING! Nice citrus-pine aroma! definetly makes classic Mary Jane look old school. I highly recommend”

  • “This indica strain exceeded my expectations!! !!! I have a high tolerance and a few hits of this SWEET BABY JANE and that's all I needed to medicate effectively. I have severe insomnia and this strain HELPS immensely!!!! Def. helps with fibro and arthritic pain as well!! Also helps increase appetite!!! I would describe this strain as more earthy for a flavorful smoke with a hint of citrus. I also has a hint of...”

  • “Got this twice in Illinois from Cresco. I have been sleeping like a baby with this wax. Strong, relaxing, sleepy feeling is difficult to fight, recommend night time only. But every night.”

  • “Some of the prettiest buds in IL! The whole eighth was purple, trichome covered, pungent goodness. Great for pain and insomnia, this is definitely a nighttime smoke. Perfect for those seeking a solid couch lock”

  • “Great taste and smell. Not as heavy as it was talked up to be but still a great indica”

  • “Flavorful, beautiful and well grown. This strain is a treat to consume and offers a fantastic well rounded powerful high. I'd recommend this strain to anyone looking for unique small-batch cannabis with a focus on quality.”