Sweet Black Angel Reviews

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  • “Back surg. 4 screws/2 rods. Fusion. 3x bypass, chest split open/wired back together. Knee surg 2X L, foot surg also. I'm the meantime I'm waiting on word of another poss back surg since the latest one is going south quick. And neck poss in spring? If I know anything, I know pain. This actually takes it away - usually I wouldn't comment, but this is unreal. I don't even overdue it, oil vape pen, 2X 400mg and for wha...”

  • “Definitely gives you that body high. If you are looking a good night sleep or even an appetite, I recommend this strain!”

  • “Wow. Just wow. One hit soothed every bit of nausea leaving behind a warm feeling of content well being. The taste is sweet with a strong acrid sort of quality left behind. It's not bad tasting at all. Definitely avoid daytime use if you need to think or be productive by day. The body high from this strain will leave you with a lovely warm and fuzzy case of couch lock”

  • “Great Indica Strain if you are looking for a relaxed night time high before bed. Perfect for smoking after a long day gives minimal body high and an overall relaxed and sleepy high. Also good for managing pain”

  • “i melted into the couch while watching trailer park boys. then had a 2 hour nap. if you need pain relief and mind numbing this is a good one to try. 2 thumbs up!”

  • “Nice mellow creeper. Perfect for fall premieres and firehouse subs! Very enjoyable.”

  • “definitely use for going to sleep. Tastes like candy on your lips. beautiful flower.”

  • “The concentrate from this strain hits you in the face straight away then gently moves down your body. Super relaxing and great pain relief properties.”