Sweet Deep Grapefruit Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A flower decadently adored with a flavour akin to that of Sour Grape. This particular vein of Mary is a taste worth investigating a gram of, even to the most discriminatory of palates.”

  • “Smelled good like grassy grapefruit. Idk if I got a bad cutting or what but manicuring this strain was a nightmare. Looked like a 2 pound monster till 2 days of manicuring then it was only half the size. Dried for 10 days gave it another manicure and smelled some hints of grapefruit. Jared it for 3 days opened it up and smelled like sour grass so I gave it one last trim an put it back in the jars. A few days later I ...”

  • “I love this strain Sweet Deep Grapefruit! I Strongly recommend smoking this strain all day. After a long day of smoking this strain you will fall into an amazing snooze. Fantastic!”

  • “SDG is a nice mellow strain. It will relax your mind for sure. Lasted about a good hour and a half and started fading out. Once it fades you will just want to go to bed. The cut I had tasted more like grapefruit. Make sure you have a lot of water or whatever you drink as you will have severe dry mouth.”

  • “Puts me in a good mood bust doesn't help me sleep. I won't get it again.”

  • “super tasty, the citrus flavor is definitely the star of this strain. Its superb.”

  • “One of the best strains I've used to relieve my chronic pain. It helped me SLEEP for hours!”

  • “I love this strain. I've grown it outside a few times, and have had great success with it. Dense green buds with orange hairs. A good yielder. I get more of an acidic taste with it. Some say it tastes like pineapple or grapefruit. It finishes early, usually by oct 1. Sometimes a little earlier.”