Tangerine Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “big dense nugs,great citrus smell and flavor. insomnia. cure”

  • hi2

    “You will literally melt into your bed. Relaxes every muscle in your body. Bliss. If you can manage to stay awake, it's a good strain to lie back and listen to an interesting podcast. It's difficult not to smile on this weed. Excellent late evening smoke ( vape, actuaĺly )”

  • “Tangerine Kush smells and tastes like a Tangerine making it an extremely tasty and almost candy-like strain. While Tangerine Haze feels more like a sativa, Tangerine Kush is indeed mixed with that rare dankness. This is a bedtime strain for sure.”

  • “Good smoke. heavy yet fluffy high. very strong..... (smoked Ruby Kush and hour before so I could be the reason I'm crazy fuckin high right now) .....Great bud! :D”

  • “This has a very smooth, very sweet smell to it. Also, I was really creative when I was at the peak. Didn't make hungry but it did make me really relaxed”

  • “This citrusy strain is another one that got me going. I got focused and energetic at first and eased into a relaxing high after taking a break. No worries, another session soon leads to a need to get things done again. Tangerine Kush is one I will be keeping to get things done!”

  • “Taste:4.5/5 Effective:3.75/5 Length:3/5 Sleep:2.5/5 Conclusion: The taste was amazingly good and great for zoning out for a bit but does not last long Con: dry mouth and very short relief.”

  • “this was pretty good. a smooth good feeling high. it jsut didn't last very long at all. it tasted great, but I'd imagine that you'd have to medicate constantly to keep yourself feeling good. if you got the funds for that, by all means, do it. I for one do not, so it's good. but there are much better.”