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  • “THE BLACK AKA-Blaxout I don't care one anyone says my dad helped with this flower in the 1970s my father worked for the breeder dj short. before moving back home to Hawaii my dad took 1600 seeds with him 500 of them being the black. this flower IF grown out door is VERY STRONG, IF grown indoor this FLOWER WILL put you right to sleep if not to sleep you'll be melting into your bed lol. if you find this flower consider...”

  • “Nice----sleepy-- no pain. Meds”

  • “It might be true what they say, "once you go black, you never go back" I had low expectations for this strain so I am surprised it is one of my new favorites. It's everything I look for in a strain. Pretty appearance, slightly fruity taste. Although they say it's an indica I never felt like sleeping or sitting around. I was extremely talkative, deep in thoughts, and motivated. I also developed a case of what I call i...”

  • “The Black is an incredible indica not for the light-of-heart that dates back to the late 1980's in California and on Vancouver Island. This medication is guaranteed to sooth and produce, with crystal coated fan leaves that turn from dark purple to black during flowering. With an instantaneous high and a soothing narcotic nature, The Black makes for a very beneficial nighttime herb. [excerpt: from BC Bud Depot]”

  • “A truly superior late-night and/or pain/insomnia relief strain. Spicy, hashy taste. Starts out fairly flat, with a "basic indica" body high & slight mental energy, but quickly (within 15-20 minutes) moves to a detached body feeling, drifty/cloudy thoughts, and sleepytime. Outstanding for this purpose-- but if you're not seeking a high couch-lock factor, stay away!”

  • “Bubba kush was always the best pain and sleep aid strain for me, until trying this. The Black blows bubba kush outta the water! Near impossible to find here in Cali, but if available Highly, Highly recommended!!”

  • “If you see this strain it's a mandatory cop. Medicinally: Pain Insomnia Stress All relieved by this guy. This bud is a special treat, you just don't know it's one of favorite strains yet.”

  • “Wow! It's been years since I saw a parked train that wasn't really there! Followed by a silly transaction at the grocery store where I tried a card 3 times, before realizing I had the cash. Only to leave the store and drive 22 blocks towards home with my headlights off! That after 3 hits off my glass pipe after buying it from The Sativia Sisters in Spokane Valley.”