The Doctor Reviews

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Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain will fuck you up son!!”

  • “awesome strain for medical reasons. awesome strain to grow also. grew 2 indoor under 600w hps and 300w led. used canna Coco and canna Coco nutrients in three gallon oxypots. prefer fully mature flowers so I picked one at week 9 and picked one at week 12! everyone harvests way to early give it a week or two more and WOW what a difference. cured very nice very resinous and light gold frosted gotta love sum CBD in it! s...”

  • “Luv it, luv it. I have seizures and BAD insomnia; and this crap takes care of both problems. I've been at OHSU for both issues, and they finally decided MJ works, and IT DOES!!!! Yes, yes, yes.................”

  • “I really enjoyed it. It was great for my stress level which was at full blown aneurism that day. I understand why it got it's name. I have bad joint and ligament pain so the doctor melted it away ever so sweetly.”

  • “who could get me this strain? if i live in indiana”

  • “top notch”

  • “This is a new favorite. Really uplifting and a good time drug. Very high potency and won't make you too sleepy!”

  • “The doctor is in!! And he will knock you the f-out...Earthy mint flavor followed by slight berry flavor upon exhale. Perfect strain for beginners and connisuers alike. Definitely has the capability to knock anyone out within a few bowls 💪zzzzz!!!”