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The Loops Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Now this right here was a true delight!!!! Just got lucky and bumped into the right people at the right time and I got to sink my teeth into this juicy num numz... Definatly a good choice for all you "Taste Chasers"... But right off the first hit you get an explosive candy-like, fruit infused, cereal earthiness and it just lingers on the pallet leaving a sweetness on your lips... The high was very DEEP indica based q...”

  • “The taste is better than sex on Hennessy 😎.”

  • “Very good strain, my cousin had a lot of it, the buzz was ideal. Got stoned real bad, but that didn't kept me from being creative. Ate a whole loaf of bread. The only annoying part is the dry mouth but thats how it always is.”

  • “Tried the loops earlier this month. Tons of purple and lots of orange hairs on each bud. It has a wicked fruity smell and is very strong. 👍🏾👍🏾”

  • “Amazing flavor and packs a punch. A very nice indica strain to relax or sleep. Just like the description big buds and its not much fluffy. Need to admit a great strain to try”