The OX Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain helped me immensely with my fibromyalgia pain for a few hours but didn't relax my anxiety or mood much. More of a pain blocker while feeling in control and not very high. Great to function on in daily situations like classes or work.”

  • “I've never tasted an ox before, but if I ever do I hope it tastes as good as this bud! a trippy chocolate coffee taste totally recommend smoking it for an all day euphoria without crashing too hard”

  • “Absolutely love this strain. The purple color really pops and it tastes spicy and earthy. The best part are the effects...everything seems brighter and more beautiful. My entire body seems to melt but my head stays sharp. Do yourself a favor; smoke this strain, take a walk outside and enjoy life.”

  • “Relaxed, funny, but still won in a landslide at Trivial Pursuit while playing with my super smart and not stoned husband. Easy and enjoyable with no twinges of panic or anxiety.”

  • “This is a fantastic strain. You get the normal euphoric feeling of a deep indica, but it doesn't couch lock you. You stay clear headed enough to enjoy every moment of the high. The purple color of the buds is beautiful and the crystals 😍😍😍 I highly recommend this strain.”

  • “Amazing strain my body is melting but I'm still in full control. Tastes very good too. Definitely my second favourite strain. Will use again.”

  • “I grew this and it was my favorite indicate before I grew black domina. She yields low and not a plant for a beginner. Great smoke though.”

  • “This is an amazing cross. The pheno I had definitely expressed the DJ Short genetics. Fruity coffee flavors relaxed my muscles and mind . I would recommend this to anyone trying to relieve pain or pressure. Perfect example of what a good indica should be.”