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Tigermelon Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Anybody who reviewed this strain and said it was weak is a liar, this is a more than subtle strain for the average stoner to the heavy stoner like myself. Nice body tingle and a bit of a head high with some focus. Overall a nice strain thats just being explore.”

  • “weak as hell and it was from cali”

  • “weak.low head buzz.don't last long”

  • “Decent terpine profile and bag appeal. If you have none, or not much experience with medicating, this is for you. Effects are very mild. Works well as a mood enhancer. Falls short pertaining to pain alleviation, appetite stimulation, or sleeplessness.”

  • “I literally just smoked my anger away. It allowed my to calm down to clearly think about the situation. Kinda hazey in the head, nice body buzz. I am completely relaxed right now, no anxiety feels good.”

  • “Unique, moderate high. If grown properly it will taste deli c i o u s.”