Tiger's Milk Reviews

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  • “I have chronic pain every day from fibromyalgia I'm not a big smoker but when I do its due to the fact Im in lot of pain this is one of the few strains that helps take all my pain away but not just mask it like pain medication can do the smell and taste is awesome with earthy notes and spice the feeling of having my body back and being able to do things is the best feeling in the world I highly recommend this to a...”

  • “Very good strain to help you relax I got very mellow.”

  • “Tigers Milk Strain Personal Review- Indica Dominant- Very, Very fast acting- Instant feeling of euphoria- Instant Relief of stress, anxiety- Definite psychedelic feeling however mind and body remain calm- Come down is very nice and mellow, with a continuing body high- This strain will indeed enhance your creative side. Highly (No pun intended) for the following conditions: PTSD, ANXIETY DISORDER’S, Bi-Polar/Mood Di...”

  • “this strain had numbing effects. it felt as if you were wrapped in a fuzzy pink blanket. lots of euphoria and well being. this is my new favorite strain and I will probably never get sick of using it.”

  • “9/10 very awesome taste it's like OGK but more of that zesty lemon skunk funk lol, fun strain for sure, use at nighttime she's quite the kicker especially in shatter form this concentrate was fully purged and dewaxed and it's definitely some 🔥✨ do buy if you see this if you see a chance to do so. Ps be ready to eat 5 hot dogs and a whole bag of Oreos.... The munchies came with hells full force for this one lol 🍔🍟�...”

  • “best sleep ever... I am usually awakened with pain after an hour or two, but I don't when I use this before bed, nor do I wake up with a weed hangover... it's wonderful”

  • “Sooo many strains and so many lames until Tiger's Milk came to stay”

  • “I smoked this strain for about a year. never got sick of it.”