Tora Bora Reviews

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  • “Initial impression: I saw this strain sitting in its glass jar with almost an oily bluish sheen to it. Come to find out it was such dark blue and purple that the light being bounced off gave this strain an oily sheen to it, kinda neat if you ask me. I was excited to see a strain with such varying phenotype distinctiveness and displays. My initial impression was of some wonder and a little marveling over the aesthetic...”

  • “I have been trying numerous strains trying to find just the right one to help with chronic pain and anxiety. Tora Bora eliminates my pain I have no anxiety with it. I don't have a head-high so I can still do things as long as I don't Vape too much. It puts me in a very relaxed, pain free state of being. I am very grateful that I have found this strain. This is one strain that I will always keep on hand. I have a very...”

  • “I have been growing this one for the past four years. It's my 'go-to' strain for the garden and to enjoy. It does the trick for helping me sleep, alleviating my stress/anxiety and various pain (brought from dealing with stress all day, clinching and such, your body pays for it). If growing, go an extra week, you'll love the results. It can also take heavy feedings, and is pretty forgiving if you stumble a bit while g...”

  • “A panacea. I don't really consider this a recreational strain so much as medicinal. High CBD and THC. Even though it is a CBD strain it's potent. Excellent for insomnia and getting to sleep. Helps pain too. Before I ran out it was my go to strain for sleep. If you don't go to sleep you have this feel that something psychedelic might happen, as if I'm about to dream awake and see something, but it doesn't happen. Not...”

  • “amazing, 3 hits in and I'm blown.I've been smoking for most of my life. every day and this got me up on cloud 9”

  • “The tora bora I have is very potent, a friend of mines grows it to make wax/shatter and I was just lucky enough to snag an oz. of this lovely floral flower before its essence was extracted and transformed into that 5* wax. It hits hard, focusing on my mind with thought loss potency, then slowly creeping down relieving any ailment on it descent down, down down, til my whole body is happy, relaxed and feeling like the...”

  • “A great High CBD strain. It had a very nice uplifting body high that relieved my stomach pains without putting me out.”

  • “a little sceptical about tora bora with only 5% THC, but the 10.5% cbd took away my headache right away and back pain soon disappeared as well.. definitely a stay at home strain. not all the head buzz, but quite a body buzz!”