Training Day Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Notice the head high first, like wearing a baseball hat. Very slow come on mentally, but once it starts, you can really feel it billowing and consuming your mental ability. It takes over your head in a really potent way - could be easy to do too much! Brain feels like it’s wrapped in a warm, family blanket. Not just suppressed, but elevates your mood and makes you feel good; both emotionally and physically. A euphori...”

  • “Nice smooth Indica, hits quick. I'm only halfway through a .5G joint and already toasted enough to login and write my first review. (finishes joint) It's more of a couch lock and watch crappy movies on Netflix than a sleepy time high. Relaxing and uplifting. 4/5 would smoke again”

  • “I don't know about the rest of you but this particular Training Day I have in my stable is a sativa dominant hybrid, very uplifting and heavy euphoria that's light on the body, limited edition release by DNA.”

  • “one of my new favorite strains ( Denver CO ). I am a daily ... but responsible ... smoker of highest quality herb and have been smoking for just about 20 years now and obviously, like everyone else, i grow and have a nicw personal use grow operation and grow really top quality herb...then, i came to Denver and went to a dispensary (this is only a single story of when i got myself some Training Day) and aftee talkin...”

  • “whoever says this is a sativa dominant must have the wrong one we grow training day and got it tested at it comes out at 27% THC and HITS hard if you have trouble sleeping pain this is the flower 10/10”

  • “This was such good smoke, it's hard for sometimes to find something that works and I loved this strain”

  • “I got a gram of this grown by Jackpot Seaweed. Smells and tastes a lot like a spice cabinet with some muskiness. Very strong! I got very sleepy and a little dizzy after smoking a bowl, so I would definitely NOT recommend if you have stuff to do.”

  • “I picked up an eighth of this strain from my local dispo (WA). It was grown by Liberty Reach and was 23.3%. I took a fat snap of it in the afternoon and was immediately relaxed and mellow! Training day has the ability to confine you to your couch if you're not careful. The buds were perfectly formed and crystallized and the flavor was nice and ripe! I highly recommend to any stoner looking for a strain to put them to...”