Triangle Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Triangle Kush is the perfect strain for those seeking old school cannabis flavor with heavy heady effects. We picked up a fresh batch of Triangle Kush grown by Herban Tribe at our favorite mainland dispensary Amazon Organics and were extremely impressed! Clocking in @ %28.97 THC and %0.09 CBD Triangle Kush will cure what ails you. Our 'Ohana can't wait for our next visit to Amazon Organics, the legend of professi...”

  • hi2

    “4.5 Fun strain. Puts you in a ridiculously good mood. Relaxing but not necessarily a complete knockout. Try to suppress the blissful smile on your can't. I'd buy it again.”

  • “I had to get away from the never ending gloom of January in Indiana...I'm not kidding...weeks of no sun. So I guessed it was time to visit the brother in Florida. I got some of this very good strain while there. I went to a state park and hiked for a while, then I decided to sit along the banks of the river. I was admiring some ducks floating around and the next thing I know, BAM, two of them were snapped up by an al...”

  • “i give it a B++ good 4 back pain good for relaxing and anxiety first hit you feel the effects throughout the body”

  • “Got some Triangle Kush clear outta cali from HerbanLegands, I have to admit this stuff is bomby as hell! Pain, spams, Insomnia just melts away, I truly love this strain and hope more people keep trying this amaizngness! A+++ ✌”

  • “earth and skunk flavors are very prominent. a relaxing buzz.”

  • “Where do I begin, this strain is an og and its from Florida, where it originated with the white (dank). This swampy og smell gets me relaxed and hungry, but I still do stuff. Hell why do you think rare darkness bx ghost og twice to make Scotts og, cause the mother TK is a perfect og. Tried the concentrate but the flower is what you should acquire.”

  • “I had the pleasure of experiencing Tk by the Jungle Boys from TLC dispensary in LA. Dense beautiful nugs grown to perfection with care. The high had me relaxed on cloud 9”