True OG Reviews

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  • “Comes on kind of slowly. Is a chilling high, but you can easily focus and do things like schoolwork, cleaning, etc. totally fine. Aroused, possibly. Depends on where your mindset is when you go into the high. Easy to laugh. Relieves stress a little, to the point where you're calm about it, but you still know you have to do something about it. Aware. Overall good high. Doesn't help with sleep TO much though.”

  • “I have a question... And forgive me if I seem excited... But, WTF is in pot that makes me feel "normal"????!!!! Shittiest fucking day... Feel like fucking crap and ready to cut open a vein - End it all! Yeah!!!... I take two hits off of my vape pen of True OG and I feel FUCKING NORMAL! Wow... "Regular" people thoughts... A thirst for life... If this is what the *Normals* feel like all the time, can we just ...”

  • “This is probably my new favourite strain. To be honest I'm surprised that this is an indica, as my local dispensary had been selling it as a Sativa. But please don't let that throw you off if you don't like Sativas. This strain had me unbelievably relaxed while being able to become motivated and focused. I usually prefer Sativas as they have more cerebral and uplifting highs, but this particular strain seems t...”

  • “Evening sleepy smoke: Grading scale: 1st 20 min & Leveled out. One Hit High Duration: 3hrs Lightheaded 1-10 drunken spins: ( 6 ) - ( 4 ) Mentally Drifting 1 -10 Mentally Creative: ( 3 ) - ( 6 ) Alert 1-10 Sleepy: ( 7 ) - ( 8 ) Safely Calm 1-10 Anxiously paranoid: ( 4 ) - ( 2 ) Coordinated 1-10 stumbling: ( 4 ) - ( 2 ) Focused 1-10 forgetful: ( 5 ) - ( 3 ) Socially Aware 1-10 Socially Awkward: ( 6 ) - ( 4 ) Stoic 1...”

  • “I typically smoke sativas or hybrids during the day but lately I've tried true og again, it's great for pain and relaxation but if I only take a few hits it quickly helps my back and knee pains and can still function during the day. very strong head high tends to make your mind drift from time to time”

  • “very strong and pungent strain. the smell is very similar to that of Og Kush and Sour Diesal, very intense and fueley/earthy goodness. the head high is strong and long lasting, brings back the giggles of the early smoking days. good day high/pre-work smoke. stay faded”

  • “TRUE OG = The One. The Oracle would tell you to smoke this to become the one.”

  • “*Review is for the KIND Concentrates Live Resin 500mg vape cartridge* Yesterday one of the better dispensaries in town had KIND Concentrates show up and do a buy one get one deal on these cartridges that I couldn't pass up. Also got a free battery! I've taken a break from cartridges because I was not ever able to find any that were worth a crap. They either didn't work (like the actual cartridge didn't work for some...”