Tyson Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Amazing taste and loved the way it burned , very drowsy eyes and great before bed , helped with my insomnia. In my top 3 for indica choices for sure.”

  • “Looooooooovvveeee this indica!! Heavy hitter, did not disappoint. Great for my neck pain, my IBS, and my anxiety. Momma say knock you out! ....Kinda made me want to get a face tattoo, too, after a few bowls :-P”

  • “Best sleep weed I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. This is is also a strain pretty much only for everyday users it's pretty dank stuff.👍👍”

  • “AAA DANK INDICA, loved it 10/10”

  • “my new favorite (for now)...went for Snoops Dream...was intrigued by the Tyson and am a HUGE indica-grrrrl...THE BEST for my specific needs...insomnia and a touch of depression...I couldn't be more jazzed to have found this gem”

  • “I'm an Indica guy and this strain is by far the most effective for my pain and discomfort. Mr. Tysons taste, smell and effect are 100% spot on for my needs. Though it's tough to find sometimes it's well worth the search!”

  • “I made the mistake of trying this during a hike after a week long break from smoking. everything got insanely bright I couldn't see so I had to get one buds to guide me the rest of the way.”

  • “my buddy and i are experienced cannabis eficinados and let me tell you, we were higher than kite. cant remember being that high for a long time. 10/10 will smoke again.”