U2 Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I wasn't a fan of the name, as I despise Bono and I can't stand how popular his terrible goodguy-badge-wearing band is, but I overcame that because the photos on the website and the description made it all too tempting to try. A little different from my usual tastes of indicas that are dense and lightly sweet-tasting, but I enjoy this flavor immensely because of it's delicious kushy taste and very strong effect. ...”

  • “Not bad. I have found that this strain tastes really good when rolled in a blunt. Its hard for me to fully explain it because I'm really baked now. If someone reads this and has smoked a U2 blunt before, please confirm its true. I hate typing when I'm high. Late.”

  • “Just don't know how I felt on this strain. Kind of quiet and focused well. Not a very lastING high.”

  • “U talkin' U2 to me?”

  • “It’s a beautiful day to try this sunny floral strain with its super unique flavor combination of sweet, earthy and mineral. On the nose this is reminiscent of a day at the beach in Southern California- tar, a hint of citrus, and a warm rush of floral/lavender notes- the heart is in bloom with the taste! This indica dominant hybrid will leave you feeling like you’re running to stand still, starting off super amped onl...”

  • “Very nice high, kind of has a slight creeper effect that is sure to leave you feeling medicated and relieved. Not a big fan of the taste though.”

  • “Great body high, helps me sleep through the night,”

  • “This strain is the NyQuil of weed. Put me to sleep within the hour of my smoke. Smooth hits as well.”