UltraViolet OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Went to Glisan Buds to pick up one gram of Ultra Violet (flower) so that I could get the 25 cent donation joint. All the proceeds this week go to the victims of Orlando. I'm on a quest to find the perfect indica, and Ultra Violet's description on Leafly says it provides "dreamy, sleepy euphoria". I gotta say this high is REALLY nice, and when I told the budtender that's what I wanted his eyes lit up. It's one of his...”

  • “Got me high as shit!”

  • “Very uplifting for an indica strain.. No couch lock , another great strain for pain without the sleepy feeling”

  • “Got a quarter oz that was tested at 26% THC and .43%CBD. Smells very fruity and tastes like earth berry. Very nice relaxing high with giggles. Definitely feel some eye pressure though, probably smoking some stems lol. Great strain, definitely worth it^^”

  • “Very good for creating and motivation”

  • “Very fluffy nugs with ~70% purp. payed a very small price for the amount i recieved and the high is great. Overall uplifting and no couchlock”

  • “Strain is amazing with a fruity put strong pungent smell.. In looks it's dense purple nugs full smell.. Smoke is incredible in a water pipe taking bowls it's a creeper high type feeling but relaxing high.. In taste it taste the way it smells fruity dank smell”

  • “As a stand alone, Ultraviolet OG is a great strain - a juicy, flavourful, purple indica. There's certainly nothing wrong with that! But it is outclassed by many of the top shelf kush strains that are just better at all the things that make UVOG what it is. If you like the dankness but don't want to be smashed over the head with a brick, like GDP, UVOG may be the strain for you.”