Vanilla Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a beautiful and strong, mostly indica kush. My meds were grown in B.C. I vaporized a small amount of vanilla kush and I was quickly hit with an excellent body buzz and a happy/clear headed high. I found this strain extremely relaxing. I was able to get good pain relief without too strong of a head high. I rate the potency an 8.5/10, the overall strain I would give at least a 9. I would recommend this str...”

  • “Solid 4.5 Really does smell like vanilla! Flower has a strong vanilla smell, slight vanilla flavor from what I can tell. But it's a smooth, nice smoke. Nicely lulled me to sleep. Definite late night/before bed strain. Really can't go wrong with a kush”

  • “Two big bong rips of this delicious indica flower every 2 or 3 hours is my preffered method of consumption. This strain more or less evaporates my anxiety and associated depression. It also does wonders for my back pain, as my spine is zig-zagged (heh) due to scoliosis. i work as a hairdresser and am able to remain fully focused on multiple tasks at hand. My clients enjoyed it, too. ;) Obliterates my insomnia b...”

  • “Looks: Beautiful white covered buds with hints vanilla tichs. Smell: Like a rootbeer cream soda. Taste: Nice vanilla and kush taste. Buzz Type: Ripped up high with a ‘behind the eyes’ type of buzz. theat goes to the toes”

  • “I'm floating right now. Amazing. 5 hits and I'm gone. My legs are tingling and my whole body is swaying. I would highly recommend this to anybody with pain or stress.”

  • “smoked this beauty when I visited Popeyes in Amsterdam,this strain has to be one of my top 3 selected due to the fact the smell was completely out of this world the moment I opened the bag the bud tender handed me i immediately got a strong smell of lavender funnily enough. Once I rolled a blunt i took a dry draw of my philly and felt like I had chewed on lavender,once i waka flocks' that shit every single draw I too...”

  • “A heavy Indica that comes through with scents of vanilla, orange, and flowery essence of cannabis Kush of very high quality. Smoking it out of me Gandalf. Gorgeous nugs with orange hairy bulky green.”

  • “So i picked this up at my Rec shop and it comes in at a whopping 31% THC i had never had ''Flower'' with that much. You have to watch out with this one though cause to many hits and you will become a Vegetable...its quite sedating. Definitely a heavy Indica but you also feel a slight sativa buzz in the head. And that Vanilla taste is SOOOO Strong.”