Violator Kush Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Super strong, but maybe a bit too strong its hard to talk normal and focus on anything. Definitely something to use at home only. Thoughts are clear but its hard to do anything with them. poor motor skills. Super spicy smell, like sniffing pepper almost stings the nose. But I really enjoyed myself it was a great time and absolutely painless fun. But definitely plan out a night for this one.”

  • “Me - a daily user Method - water pipe Amount - standard small bowl full or about 2-3 hits The first thing I noticed was how fast it kicked in. Then from that point it just got better and better as time went on. One noticeable effect after the other it seemed. At first it was an entire body "relief" kind of numbing effect. This was good as I've had many injury's and this worked well for taking away the "ever...”

  • “Strain: Violator Kush ["Indica" (Could be an Indica-dominant Hybrid* )] Dispensary: Captiol Hill Patient Group Donation: $15/gram. Smell: A pine-like, light, herb-garden smell. It reminded me of rosemary or lavender. Looks: Dry, darker green with midtone orange hairs and a fine layer of crystals/trichomes. Taste: The taste wasn't overpowering and actually quite smooth/light. There was an aftertaste ...”

  • “Shit put me to sleep in a heartbeat lol good strain I love the look and color of the nugs and it taste great”

  • “good sized buds in my sack, a little scraggy looking, not the best manicure i've seen, grinds up nicely, with a pungent, sweet, dank stench. 3 hits off a fatty put me in a downward, narcotic head spin. like i got slapped up side the head with a fistfull of goofy and silly. had a cherry vodka cocktail and a doob while floating in the pool, followed that up with taco cabana super nachos and a 10 hour snooze, bitchin!”

  • “Violator Kush, Indica, I have had this in reserve for a few months now. It has been kept with Boveda 62 and I am very happy with the cure. I was less happy with the appearance of this Violator Kush. For an Indica it had a lot of small light buds. There was also an awful lot of leaf material. It looked bad enough that I complained about it before I even tried it. My dispensary told me that they agreed and as always, w...”

  • “Believe me when I say that I have tried most strains out there and this one is at the top of my list of the very best. The buds are super sticky and could almost be described as gooey. As soon as you light up, you'll notice the difference in the potency of the smoke. This most excellent variety of Indica is best enjoyed in the evening before bed unless utilized for pain, and then anytime would work. You can't go ...”

  • “Violator Kush is a great strain to use in the evening or at night. It provides a very intense body stone and a sedated feeling in short order, leading to .......zzzzzzzz. I would not recommend consuming this strain if you plan to go out or accomplish anything since it results in couch lock. I purchased an eighth to try and am sorry I didn't buy more since it is now sold out at the dispensary I purchased it from. I ha...”