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Weebe’s World

4| 2 Reviews

What is Weebe’s World?

Weebe’s World by Mr. Mack’s Snacks is a special cross of Mr. Mack's Black Domina and the powerhouse, Gelato #33. This strain hits with an intensely heady buzz on the onset that smooths out into a deep, relaxing body high. If you have plans or things to do, this strain is not for you. The comfortable couchlock is a great option for gamers, cinephiles, and patients suffering from insomnia, lack of appetite, and anxiety. 


Where to Buy Weebe’s World

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Weebe’s World Effects and Attributes

Eye Pressure
Lack of Appetite
Dry Eyes

Weebe’s World Genetics and Grow Info

Review Highlights

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Most Helpful

“Black Larry Bird is one of those rare strains that makes everybody around it better. Its uncanny spliff passing , deadly stoning and anticipation of how ripped you need to get transforms losers into winners. The 6.9 star indica overcame a severe case of what is referred to at the Cannabis Cup as "white man's disease," an inability to get you super high, to leap into the echelon of In-Da-Couch greats!”