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Weebe’s World Reviews

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  • “Black Larry Bird is one of those rare strains that makes everybody around it better. Its uncanny spliff passing , deadly stoning and anticipation of how ripped you need to get transforms losers into winners. The 6.9 star indica overcame a severe case of what is referred to at the Cannabis Cup as "white man's disease," an inability to get you super high, to leap into the echelon of In-Da-Couch greats!”

  • “I have experienced the effects of this strain 2 times. This is because the first time i got a terrible headache but i assumed this was caused by my illness i encountered days earlier. I hoped the second time would be more pleasurable but the same thing happened, i got this terrible headache. Im a daily smoker so this was very annoying because things like this don't happen very often. But besides that very nice taste ...”