Whitaker Blues Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Never had this strain prior, so gave it a try. I can tell you this Indica especially will bring you intense relaxation, a sweet body high with very calming mental effects. The strain I bought was 27.6% THC, For reference. Most Indica do not hit me as hard as the blues. Hardly felt the 1st four hits but it was the 5th that it all intensely kicked in. Definitely recommended for anyone with insomnia, stress, depression ...”

  • “I love growing it so far waiting to try it after Christmas day harvest”

  • “Dont listen to the other 2 reviewers in here, they must have bought there Whiter Blues from some un-experienced growers or some growers with a not choice pheno... Whitaker Blue is my new favorite Indica strain, both in smoke and plant. The pheno we have is a beautiful light green bud with almost orange hairs to her, with a bud structure very similar in smell and structure to her Blueberry parent. The plant it self gr...”

  • “This crept up on me, Very relaxing feeling tho. Like Cheech "N" Chong: "Up In Smoke" (car scene).... Had to stop on my 5th rip only cause I felt to high.. I don't know how else to explain it, it's almost like I didn't feel the first 4 rips until the fifth one.”

  • “This indica is in the sub category in da couch. So relaxing.”

  • “I want to like this strain more and will try again because it is such a great bed time, or anxiety controller indica. The strain I currently have lacks the taste and smell I was hoping for. should I find the farm that gets this one tasting more citrusy I could see it being a 4 star strain for me.”

  • “This strain is very helpful with my seizers. Makes my come downs very less intense. Sleep like a champ. Thank you”

  • “Urban Grenhouse hooked it up really smooth smoke, instant total body relief with every pull of the product, has me somewhat a dreamy state with no pain....,Love It👌🏾”