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White Bastard Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “My favorite Indica hands down!! I use a 300MG per ML "Pure" liquid of this that I get from the CT medical program. I've been anxiously waiting for the day that this showed up on Leafly. This is a HARD HITTER!!! When I started to smoke this it absolute bliss. My mind would calm and my tense muscles would relax. I started to use it everyday at home as it was to strong to use out and about. I was amazed at how much ...”

  • “• Crossing 2 strains [God bud, Dj short blueberry] both *off My 'Must Try'-list & *together genetically, results in this tasty indica-treat, White Bastard. • • Presently vaping 💨 T-69.1% oil from Theraplant, and quite happy that i am! After an emotionally long, difficult week, this Bastard bulldozed thru–> lifting the hazy fog & allowing focus, clarity + creativity to shine-on ☀️so definitive mood-lifter/stabilizer ...”

  • “Very indica but for some reason it keeps me clear headed. kinda makes your brain feel like breathing in crisp cool air. if I had to describe the high with a metaphoric adjective, I'd say it's like ice or snow. It's quite a unique high so give it a try at least once”

  • “I've never written a review on here before, but this strain was a huge success for my chronic back pain so I feel compelled to. I say was because since I've moved to Colorado I haven't seen it. The effects are extremely similar to a muscle relaxer like Valium which makes it a much safer option for those needing relief from muscle spasms. I always felt that it left me fairly functional which is great for medical users...”

  • “I'm new to Cannabis and I've been in the Medical Program in CT... this is the second strain I tried. It is STILL my favorite. I feel like my pain is just numbed and I have a permanent smile on my face(or food in my hand). It takes away the fear and the pain, which are the reasons I don't go out much. I have Spinal stenosis so I feel self conscious when I do go out...HOWEVER, when I'm on WB I'm sociable, and relaxed i...”

  • “nice for a lower priced indica”