White Berry Reviews

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  • “Perfectly relaxing and balanced.”

  • “This is most definitely the strain for us anxious types. I have this and Love Potion #1 on hand currently, and they are both amazing, but this is the best I've ever smoked for my panic attacks hands down. I was in the throws of my worst panic attack in a long time not a half an hour ago and after one round through my vape, I'm totally level. Don't get me wrong I'm still stressed out, nothing makes reality stop happen...”

  • “White Berry has the ability to hit hard and be very effective. This is one of the most intense body highs I have experienced from any strain that I have tried, but it's quite enjoyable. Your libido will surge into overdrive and you will crave sex. In large doses it can leave you feeling a bit dizzy but besides that all other attributes are positive. Less is more when it comes to consumption. You can always vape o...”

  • “This is a primo strain, I love it. Made me happy as hell and I couldn't stop talking. It creeped up on me a little, the high came on almost a full minute after a decent sized bong hit. Nonetheless, it tastes and smells awesomely fruity and the bud is nice and frosty. Not one to pass up.”

  • “very nice taste. fluffy yet dense nugs. big white trichomes. thanks to emerald city for the meds. stress level is down for sure!!”

  • “This weed is simply the one of the most beautifull weeds that've smoked...”

  • NSF

    “White Berry (or Berry White as my local grower calls it "because it's so smooooth") is a balanced strain. The buds grow large, dense and frosty, with colas that can get bigger than your arm. When fully cured, the resinous nugs look white from all the trichome crystals with small patches of orange hairs peeking out. The smell is very floral and berry-bush-like, though some earthy elements bubble up from the dank un...”

  • “Bought off my guy as a special deal, told was very dense but very worth the effort. He was totally right. It's a laster! Time is lost on this burn and it's a beautiful high. It's melty. And it goes well with fruit punch. All anxiety drifts quietly away and you can just enjoy shit again. Final though: it's a warm bath rolled up in whatever memory foam mattresses are made of. Fruity”