White Dragon Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Me pareció que la cepa de White Dragon podría servir para el tratamiento de la migraña crónica. Hasta ahora me ha resultado bastante para aliviar los dolores y subirme el ánimo en la discapacidad implicada por el dolor.”

  • “Started medicating around 11:00 am this morning very good effects from this bud for my anxiety and for just clearing away negativity in the mind. This batch was in particular a purely indica strain and man does it do its job! Anxiety by about 2 pm gone and so is my paranoia from the ptsd, overall excellent experience highly recommend for those medical users looking for a good one hitter quitter indica that won't put ...”

  • “I thought ....I know... I'll write a killer review all about this kick ass weed ... But it kicked my ass to the point of not being able to write much at all lol”

  • “Beautiful taste and smell, I can definitely confirm the earthy taste. Comparable to Super Silver Haze! 5/5”

  • “A true indica, the kind that cemets you to the ground.”

  • “Did nothing for me this strain grows tall and lanky buds are airy was nothing like the write up on it not one for my book but good luck if you decide to try a few 🙏”

  • “this strain made me trip hardcore.”

  • “I give this strain a 4 out of 5, I've had this smoke for going on around 3 months. When I mix the pot ha "pot" with other strains of Marijuana I've found coming back to the White Dragon the high becomes more vivid and intense. This strain in regards to it's parent counterpart as an indica, provides full relief one would expect from an indica. I've found for ME, helps with SLEEP, APPETITE, ANXIETY, RELAXATION, DEPRES...”