White Empress Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “when opening the pack, the strain gives off a real earthy piney smell, kinda like the fresh scent of pine oil lol. bud is very frosty with light green and dark green leaves with orange hairs. Real smooth smoke when inhaled. no harshness but still gives off that loud sativa smell similar to a strong rain forest perfume. Makes you feel uplifted in the mind in the aspects of creativity and deep thought. Good for brains...”

  • “Uplifted, Floating, Calming, Lightly Euphoric, Relaxing, This strain despite being labelled here as an Indica is truly a Sativa dominant hybrid parented by White Wodow and Cinderella99, both sativa dominant hybrids themselves. White Emperess gives an uplifting and relaxing high with a light feeling of euphoria and contentment that is calming and comfortable without making you drowsy. It gives a very aloof and light-o...”

  • “is the dopest dispensary I'm all los Angeles”

  • “Picked this up at a local LA dispensary and it was marked as a sativa dominant. While the high is strong, it got me incredibly socially anxious both times I smoked. Great to relieve body aches and pains, not so great for socializing or being out in public due to the strong anxiety that set in.”

  • “listening to a playlist of jack Johnson and Tatiana manaois”