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White Fire 43 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of my all time favorites: White fire 43. Everytime I pick up this amazing flower it never seems to let me down in terms of medical benefits. It helps stimulate hunger in my case and it helps me sleep very soundly and comfy at nights when i can't sleep at all. It even helps with stress when times get really hectic!”

  • “Really great strain! Definitely a hit it and quit it kind of bud. I'm a daily user and this bud is wonderful because you and don't need to smoke a lot of it and it's exactly what you want to hit up while getting your Netflix fix in before bed!”

  • “MAN, this is not White Fire, none of the Sativa side shows. This is an Indica for sure and a very strong one at that. Think somewhere between King Louis XIII and Black Water. Very sticky buds and a smooth smoke in and out. Very good for insomnia and pain. Strong medication for evening use. Can give you a headache if you use to much. Normally not a problem though as a little goes a long way. Enjoy!”

  • “Puts me right to sleep. I recommend this strain if you have insomnia or need to relax. Makes my eyelids so heavy!! (I'm also nostalgic about this bud because I bought it when I first became a patient and never forgot about it since)”

  • “By far one of the best strains I've had the pleasure of coming across. Very stoney, sedative high. Very, very warm and pleasant body high with a gentle cerebral massage that courses euphoria through you even after the high has died off. Wonderful, peaceful, very zen strain that is good for nighttime use or a lazy day off.”

  • “I picked up a quarter of this Indica recently. The buds were large and dense, with a dark green color and with brownish pistils. The layer of resinous trichomes was a rich amber color; it was clear that these were mature buds. The smell was very powerful, rich and earthy with a bit of an acrid bite reminiscent of diesel. I ground up a bit and smoked it out of a glass beaker-bottom bong, in the evening. The high was a...”

  • “One of my personal favorite strains, every time it drops it doesnt stay on the shelves for long , i strongly recommend this strain to heavy smokers who enjoy a strong indica high. ⛽🔥⛽REAL GAS ⛽🔥⛽”

  • “If you can get your hands in it,, get it!!! This herb will relax you and sedate you perfectly”