White Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “giggly! munchies! feel good! smoke as much as you want. you are gonna sleep well tonight. the rise and rise and rise plateau after an hour s amazing. super relaxing heady stone great for laughing with your buds after smoking buds. zero anxiety”

  • “White Kush has a super strong earthy smell but when u start breaking open the nugs the whole area ur around smells like coffee and kush pretty smooth smoke tastes earthy and piney really relaxing suttle sensation stimulates my hunger good mid day indica it has kind of an uplifting effect breaks down nice, the buds are super caked, THC just blasts out when u break it open this is some good kush im giving this strain a...”

  • “Excellent arthritis med! I had a tough couple of days, and this nearly eliminated my pain. Body was *so* comfortable, and just enough head to entertain randomly meandering thoughts. No auditory enhancement, but music had CEV at times, a quality that I want more of. I had a big dinner just before I vaped, and had the munchies anyways. This is good for those of you who need to stimulate appetite (not I). Have beverag...”

  • “Smoke this and after 5 pulls you'll feel a beautiful wave of relaxation - great indica”

  • “Beast weed I have ever smoked and vaped, this is extremely sticky and dank. Those who dont smoke every day will pass out or not be able to move, this strain really does have the effect of knocking you right on your ass”

  • “Very good body and head high. The high felt like it lasted 6 hours, maybe longer. Made me feel super sleepy and calm, a very good strain to use for ADHD, it seemed to help me a lot. The taste wasn't too bad, it wasn't very strong, earthy and coffee more than sweet.”

  • “Great stuff. I use it for muscle spasms/pain. This calms my muscles and relaxes me. Feels like I have bricks tied to me!”

  • “Damn this is classic stony sedative couch lock. it feels heavy and sends you straight to sleep. to my taste I would suggest something more clear and less immobilizing... I can only watch TV now, even talking is hard... lazy like a sloth... I think it will be useful to calm down before bed.”