Whitewalker OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “🤖🍻 White Walker O.G. from Cannabiotix is a sinister treat to the O.G. world. She is potent, beautiful, super sticky, and downright dank. It's hard to go wrong with an O.G. if it was grown and cured properly. This is such a great strain for putting your mind at ease. She smells of a fresh cut lawn mixed with the most sour pine cone you've ever smelt. That classic O.G. scent resonates strong with this one. Such a nic...”

  • “This shit is bomb af. Settles in so smooth and the high is really frickin nice. You get so relaxed and can still do get around to being active. Remember smoking this once and having sex and OMG best sex of my life hands down. Moral of the story, don't miss out on this if you have the chance to smoke it. 11/10 would recommend. Name says it all.”

  • “Great strain! Right off the first hit i felt instantly calm and relaxed, you'll feel warm and grounded whith a empty-head. Very very strong but good smell”

  • “She'll floor ya”

  • “holy fuck, this shit is strong. only a few puffs and it slapped me pretty hard. i chose this strain for it's high THC content in hopes that it would reduce my anxiety symptoms. I think it's helping for sure, and it's definitely helping with depression and pain as well. However, it's only 2:25pm and I feel completely couch locked. But then again, I'm having panic attacks so I really do just need to numb my brain. I wo...”

  • “I think some of the people reviewing this didn't have good stuff. I got mine grown by Gold Goast themselves and it is some of the most terpy beautiful bud I have seen. Definitely one of my favorite strains.”

  • “I have been looking for a good solid Indica nighttime strain. Tried this one on a recommendation from a dispensary staff and I'm glad I listened! It helps me relax and get to sleep shortly after my smoke.! So far one of the best strains for nighttime that inhale found. Good buds, smooth smoke, nice effects.”

  • “Very powerful indica with calming yet sometimes psychedelic effects. This one makes me feel warm inside.”