Wonder Woman OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Nice strain, smells great and tastes great. One of the more 'uplifty' indicas and not an overwhelming body high.”

  • “Perfect Bud. Almost instantly took away my headache and back pain. Very relaxing., It smells great and feels like summer”

  • “A wonderful sensual high left me relaxed dreamy zzzz....”

  • “Wonder Woman is a beautiful and potent strain. It is excellent for stress relief and muscle ache. It’s highly effective in allowing you to sit back and relax - it is not a social buzz. Recommended for the end of a hectic day.”

  • “I tried Wonder Woman OG as a top shelf flower. The buds looked frosty with a softer fresh mountain smell. This strain helped me relax and focus. My partner and I will be sure to pick this strain up for next date night.”

  • “This strain is pretty awesome, very relaxing and perfect for a night time smoke.”

  • “Wonder Woman relaxed me and put me to sleep! Perfect for bedtime and maybe a little snack beforehand. Good strain.”

  • “Cross b/w ICE and TOP 44. Love the bag appeal. tight buds crystalized in 'chromes...makes for lots of kief in the grinder. Smells like deep, musty grass clippings. Tastes about the same, which isn't so awesome. The high is swell. Relaxing. not couch lock up front, though toward the comedown you want to find one nearby. Good for muscle relaxation, appetite, stress, anxiety, excess ambition, etc. I enjoy it for ...”