Woody Kush

Woody Kush

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Don’t be quick to underestimate Woody Kush. While everything may seem mild and pleasant at first, after a few minutes the true sedative effects of this strain kick in. Woody Kush is extremely potent and offers great relief from insomnia and muscle pain. A strictly nighttime indica, patients will find themselves fast asleep before they realize it. Woody Kush’s heritage comes through in its aroma. Taking after its Master Kush, OG Kush, and Hindu Kush parentage, this strain features a distinct skunk-like scent and a piney flavor.

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Strain Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes


  • 1. Pine
  • 2. Earthy
  • 3. Skunk

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“Got this on special at a local dispensary for $8/gr. These densely-packed buds are a light green to medium green in color, with light orange hairs. This stuff smells great. As for the taste, it is not overpowering, and pretty pleasant. The smoke itself doesn't seem to expand too much, so feel free to take some fat bong rips. For the high- I would say it is almost "dreamy". I was typing on the keyboard while I w...”

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“This strain definitely lives up to its name. The taste is very much that of wood which to be honest I don't like. Fortunately, the buzz makes up for the unappealing taste. I got it on special and would buy it again on,y if it were at a phenomenal price like it was this time. #420sweepstakes”


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