WSU Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great before bed! I picked up the concentrate which clocked in at almost 85% THC and around 1% CBD. Tasted strongly of berries and pine. Great for relaxation, pain relief, and sleep!”

  • “thanks guys at my fav spot, I love this strain cause it has exactly wat ur lookin for a nice smooth clean pine taste. Beautiful to take away the edge of a long day of work nice for a bedtime treat”

  • “I got my lungs on some WSU Crumble produced by Altered State. THCA 89.4% CBD 0.6%. Super earthy, piney taste and aroma. Clear but strong head high with an extremely relaxing body high. Beware of the munchies. Recommend this strain of concentrate, can't speak for the flower form of WSU.”

  • “Great purchase super smooth perfect for vegging out for the weekend”

  • “Very smooth didn't make me cough once! Great strain for my chronic nerve pain, very relaxing. Great wind down after work. My new favorite!”

  • “I was introduced to this lovely strain in shatter form by Altered State, and speaking as an experienced canna-consumer this was top shelf all the way. Great for reading, movies, making unique snacks, and ending your day on a positive note.”

  • “Nice price good tast worth it”

  • “I love this strain. It is so relaxing. Not a complete couch lock. I was able to get things done. It took the hard edge off the world and made it a softer place to be. Nice dense long burning buds. Good stuff!”