Yoda's Brain Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wonderful Strain make you feel like Yoda's brain. Very relaxing smoke. Great for anxiety, and restlessness. Definitely a great find if you can get it. 🖖🏼👽”

  • “This bud really is the jedi-master of cozy. Yoda's Brain replaces the day's frustrations with magical, nap-time vibes. I enjoy being awake with this buzz and I also really enjoy it right before I get in bed. Comes with a wicked dry mouth.”

  • “Holy crap this stuff makes you feel stupid and forgetful. Very heavy indica. First time I tried this was a bidder concentrate and I had only obtained from dabbing and flower smoke because I could feel a cold coming on... I had tried to start ordering grubhub and it took me what felt like 2 hours just to get the order ready.”

  • “Yoda's Brain is my favorite strain atm. I have not found anything I like better. this is the strain for you if you want a heavy high. I've bought it maybe twice and never saw it again...so if you see it in so-cal let me know!”

  • “Whoa, all of the sudden I'm experiencing 1.5 or maybe 2 g's just laying on the bed. It is so hard to get up... I picked up a gram of the shatter from Emerald avenue (though I would say the consistency is much more like the jack herer sugar wax I got from them a while ago than shatter). Very nice concentrate here. Seems like a lot of terpenes in this one, very aromatic. Heavy notes of pine, with earthy/floral/honey u...”

  • J_P

    “definitely an indica. tried it on 3 separate occasions with the gram I purchased. First time took me by surprise and had me wandering around and eating until I fell asleep. Really does make you feel like Yoda, but from the 5th movie XD. Nice to chill out, eat food, watch a movie and fall asleep. Very potent too.”

  • “Amazing strain for an amazing rainy day. Definitely as potent as advertised. I tried the flower from LAXCC and a couple of puffs had me wandering in the Jedi masters brain for sure. Neck and back stress melts away within seconds. No anxiety side effects, and long lasting effects.”

  • “first time was very intense but a good mello high non the less”