Zombie OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • db6

    “WOW! love this!! happy ,giggly like the good old days!! #1 strain in my books! PLEASE someone(dispensary) in phx. get a hold of this!!! cant find any , WAH!!!!”

  • “Never go to work while smoking this.... my boss nearly fired me lol Other than that best weed u can have really although now i prefer K- train”

  • “As a woman with strong cycles I need a good indica that puts me down.. PMS, cramps, bloating, unable to sleep due to discomfort, bitchy-ness... Been trying Zombie and it's something special. Can't wait to make edibles out of it so I can feel it more in my body.”

  • “Potent, nice flavor, heavy Indica buzz, all around good bud”

  • “Zombie OG is a great nighttime strain that allows me to relax, slowdown and ultimately cradle me into a deep, refreshing sleep. Upon purchase the flowers exhibited delicious berry and fruit notes, but the longer it was kept in a glass jar, the smell took on a savory, butterscotch aroma. Highly recommended strain!”

  • “Okay. So. You guys (Leafly) need to get the strain Zombie Stomp on here. I'll just leave a review on this strain. Mat Lee and Mr. Doobee leave good reviews about it, if you can actually find information about it. Anywho, this supposedly indica leaning strain gives more of a head high when consumed in small amounts. It's a thinker and chatty type of high. Great conversations come with smoking this shit. When consumed...”

  • “greatesr weed i havwe ever had after effexcts make me feel damn hazy though, im really hungry and need a brai..break.”

  • “Good pain relief. Nice heady indica,smooth and tasty in the bong. Don't be afraid of it,it's a nice easy couchlock. If you smoke mostly indicas,this is a nice OG that you will want to keep on hand.”