Dante Jordan
Dante Jordan is a Content Associate for Leafly, where he specializes in creating topics pertaining to cannabis products, strains, and dispensaries. He also manages the Leafly strain database.
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What Are Moon Rocks and How Do You Smoke Them?

Learn all about moon rocks, as well as tips for smoking them and how to make them in your own home.

7 Signs It May Be Time to Take a Cannabis Tolerance Break

If you’re wondering whether you should bench your bud, take a look at some reasons why it might be time for a tolerance break from cannabis.

How to Not Smell Like Cannabis After Smoking: 5 Items to Have On-Hand

Let's face it: Nobody likes to stink like bud. Try these tips to mask your habits and leave you smelling (and feeling) so fresh and so clean, clean.

10 Secret Cannabis Containers That Will Truly Hide Your Stash

From smuggler belts to hollow bibles to lipstick pipes, there are plenty of ways to hide your stash in plain sight. Here, Dante Jordan lists his top 10.

Tips for Taking a Successful Cannabis Tolerance Break

Abstaining from cannabis can be difficult. Keep these tips in mind before taking a tolerance break, or “t-break,” from cannabis to increase your chances of success.

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Getting High With Grandma: Passing Joints Through Generations

Recently, I achieved my goal of smoking with my grandmother. Here's what it was like to pass a joint through the generations.

Indoor vs. Greenhouse vs. Outdoor Cannabis: Which Should You Buy?

When shopping for cannabis, should you be looking for product grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse?

The 6 Best Cannabis Pre-Rolls in Washington

Looking for a cannabis pre-roll that doesn't sacrifice quality and flavor for convenience? We smoked our way through Washington's finest—here's what we recommend.

Debunking the Top Stereotypes in Cannabis Culture

Cannabis culture has come a long way, but there are still misconceptions about consumers. Here are some stoner stereotypes that need to go extinct.

Best in State: The Top Cannabis Locations, Products, and Activities in Washington in 2018

Take a look at the best cannabis dispensaries, products, companies, and activities of 2018 that Washington has to offer.

Bowling: Is It Worth the High?

Bowling can be a pretty fun activity. It’s group-friendly, cost-efficient, and you don’t have to be great to enjoy it. But is it worth the high?

Grow & Prove: How Producers Set the Bar Higher With Terpene Data

When predicting the effects of a strain, the key is finding a cultivator that is able to grow that strain with consistent terpene and cannabinoid levels.

Where Are Your 2018 Cyber Monday Cannabis Deals?

It's that time of the year again: Holiday Shopping season. Here are your 2018 Cyber Monday cannabis deals.

The Top Trending CBD Cannabis Strains of 2018

Searching for some fresh CBD strains? Here are the top trending CBD-dominant cannabis strains and where you can find them.

6 Budget-Friendly Cannabis Edibles Waiting for You in Washington

Buying edibles in bulk is the way to go for the budget-friendly cannabis consumer. These are the six best options, according to Washington budtenders.

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