Dante Jordan
Dante Jordan is a freelance writer living in Dallas, TX. He's never met an enchilada he didn't like and the answer is always "yes" to more queso.
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‘All Eyez on Me’: Is It Worth the High?

Dante Jordan ponders whether we should seek out nearby theaters playing the Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me and "Hit Em Up" or avoid "Until the End of Time."

6 Types of Smokers From the Iconic Scene in ‘Friday’

You know that iconic scene in Friday where Ice Cube’s character smokes his first joint? If you peel through the layers, there are six types of smoker friends we've all known at some point.

Smoke This, Watch That: Movie and TV Picks for June 2017

Pick up the suggested indica strains and cue up one of these 10 movies, documentaries, stand-up comedy specials, or TV shows on Netflix this month.

Respect the Goldfish: An Edibles Cautionary Tale

Think you've built up enough of a tolerance to handle some potent edibles? Think again. Dante Jordan shares his very "regrettible" experience with infused goldfish crackers.

Dante Jordan’s Totally Definitive, Totally Subjective Guide to the Best High Foods

With years of cannabis-induced experimentation and experience under his belt, one writer shares his list of the absolute best foods to snack on while high.

Smoke This, Play That Vol. 1: Rich Homie Quan, H.E.R., and Harry Styles (Yes, Really)

Welcome to “Smoke This, Play That,” where each month we suggest five albums and their strain pairings, plus a bonus playlist of random songs for you to enjoy.

Advice for First-Time Cannabis Smokers: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

Before you take that first toke, here's some advice so you know what you’re getting into and can plan for a comfortable first experience.

Watch This: Conan and Wiz Khalifa Get High, Play ‘Gears of War 4’, Eat Potato Salad

We're pretty sure Wiz may have been so high that at one point he forgot Conan was even there. (We've been there, friend.)

‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’: Is It Worth the High?

'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' is a prime example of how you should never listen to the bad reviews if you really want to see a movie (especially if you want to see one stoned).

Watch This: The Classic Key & Peele ‘Obama College Years’ Sketch

Is Barack Obama a joint intercepter? According to this classic 'Key & Peele' sketch, he sure is...or at least he may have been during his college years.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’: Is It Worth the High?

We determine whether the Marvel superhero sequel 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' is worth your time, money, and most importantly, your cannabis buzz.

Watch This: A Magician Makes Cannabis Disappear in Front of a Cop

A young magician was brave enough to walk up to a cop, show him a bag of cannabis, and make it disappear. Unsurprisingly, the cop was not amused.

Watch This: Jordan Peele Enjoys a Joint as ‘Montel Chilliams’

Before Jordan Peele directed hit movies and made up one half of the hilarious Key and Peele duo, he made us laugh as cannabis-loving "Montel Chilliams" on Mad TV.

Watch This: 2 Chainz Gets High in the Most Expensive Fashion for GQ

Here’s a video of 2 Chainz getting high in the most expensive ways possible: with $500,000 of glassware and various cannabis products.

10 Albums to Get High to on 4/20

We want your 4/20 to be musically perfect. Load a bowl (or five), throw on one of these albums, and enjoy the day/night to the best of your abilities.