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Canadian comedian defies cannabis and ADHD stigma on TikTok

Published on August 25, 2021
TikTok star and stand-up comedian Darcy Michael with husband Jeremy Baer. (Darcy Michael)

If you’ve been doom-scrolling through videos on TikTok in this last pandemic year, chances are you’ve come across a video from this Delta, British Columbia couple’s account.

Darcy Michael, alongside his husband Jeremy Baer, and their dog Yuma, have spent just under a year on the platform. During this short time, they have amassed 1.8 million followers. No small feat for anyone, but what exactly is their draw?

Michael is best known as a stand-up comedian, and now, as a viral TikTok sensation. People keep returning for the open candid conversations about ADHD, cannabis, parenting, and communication in relationships—all done in a fun, lighthearted manner. 

From TikTok skepticism to 1.8M followers

“When I know my ADHD is going to really take over and I want to relax, that’s when I bust up some weed and say to myself, okay—it’s time to slow things down.”

Darcy Michael on cannabis and ADHD

“My partner and I watch your TikToks quite often. We’re always trying to figure out which one of us is Darcy and which one is Jer,” I share with Michael on the phone. He lets out a hearty laugh, and responds, “Ah, kind of the perfect combination.”

The account started entirely by accident, with Michael sharing that at the time it sounded like ‘such a juvenile sounding app’. But he decided to try it out with some funny videos with their dog, Yuna because “she’s super quirky and funny.”

The more time he spent on the app, Michael shares that the algorithm got to know him better, serving him content he wanted to enjoy—from funny pet videos to explainers about mental health, plus other gay content creators and educational cannabis videos. 

“After a while, I was just like, okay wow—this app has really gotten to know me and is everything I don’t get from Instagram,” he said.

It felt like a dopamine rush, he shares, and immediately knew he had to convince his husband Jer and their daughter that they should start making their own TikTok videos.

From their personal account, the family is sharing their lives and helping others in the process. “I was kinda like—I’m really bored and we’re stunning but I also think we’re really relatable and we’re kind of different enough that people are going to notice.”

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And well, the rest, as they say, is history.

Tiktok helped Darcy understand his disability

Almost immediately, their videos went viral with content series examples like “Pop Quiz for my Stoner Husband”, “Busy Donkey”, “Impressions & Pranks”, and “ADHD Life”.

Darcy, alongside Jer, have built a committed fan base of 1.8 million dedicated viewers, who tune in to learn that ADHD can manifest itself in many different ways.

Oftentimes their experiences and struggles are not all that different from everyone else. He shares, “It’s showing people that I can be a productive member of society, and cannabis has also been a huge benefit to me, personally.”  

TikTok sensation Darcy with husband Jer and their dog Yuna. (Darcy Michael)

Being diagnosed later in life with ADHD, Michael admits he has learned more on TikTok about his disability than he has in therapy for the past three years. Through his TikToks, he wants other neurodivergent folks to feel celebrated as “Good, creative, people who can honestly accomplish so much.”

He shares, “When I know my ADHD is going to really take over and I want to relax, that’s when I bust up some weed and say to myself, ‘okay, it’s time to slow things down.’ You don’t have to build an atrium in your house today. You can just make a little craft and do some stuff to chill out.” 

What weed does this plant daddy love?

Having been spoiled with B.C. bud for nearly his entire life, he notes that he is always drawn to sativa strains for their body high, ability to provide him with a sharper focus, and an increase in energy and creativity.

“When I got my medical licence, I had a lot more choices. It was then I realized that indica strains really took my motivation away and made me super depressed.”

His go-to has always been Mango Haze, saying it has always given him the ability to be uplifted, happy, and most of all, productive.

Darcy Michael is a Canadian actor and stand-up comedian, best known for his stand-up comedy and his viral TikTok account. (Courtesy of Darcy Michael)

Michael is not quite into edibles, explaining “I don’t like losing control. Have you watched my TikTok? I barely have control (laughs).” But he has really gotten into cannabis-infused carbonated beverages, when he and Jer are chilling out on the couch, watching TV or a movie.

“I know what I can handle, and then two hours later, I’m sitting there with my blanket and this weed pop just loving my life.”

Breaking stigma on cannabis use and ADHD

As a comedian and a creative—hello, TikTok celebrity—Michael knows how much cannabis has helped him get by and how important it is to break the stigma of the plant not just for his ADHD but also for his arthritis.

He hopes that sharing this content with the world will help people realize they can still feel joy, no matter what. While we might be battling with our own issues, Michael wants others to know that regardless of who you are, you are worthy of love.

Oh and just because you use cannabis to treat your ADHD or arthritis or whatever doesn’t make you a stoner, an addict, different, or uncool. “I know there is stigma around marijuana, and people’s views on cannabis are so archaic, but you know what I trust a lot more? Fucking weed!” he laughs.

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