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Marijuana Advice for the Canna-Curious

January 3, 2014

As far as New Year’s celebrations go, no one can top Colorado this year. January 1st marked the end of cannabis prohibition in the Centennial State. While for some this historical moment symbolizes a major shift in the legal system, for others it means only one thing: it’s time to get really stoned.

Though this is truly an event to celebrate, some canna-newbies may not know exactly what to expect while enjoying their newfound freedom. In order to help those who are a little curious about marijuana, we asked Jason Katz from Local Product of Colorado and Ean Seeb from Denver Relief to give some advice to those looking to partake in Colorado’s cannabis festivities.

Here’s what they had to say:

Take It Slow 

If you’ve already seen this re-enactment of a 911 call on Entertainment Tonight, you know that if you eat an entire pan of medicated brownies, you’re going to have a bad time. So, before you grab that second snack, it’s important to wait for at least 30 minutes before consuming any more.

Similarly, when smoking or vaping, try waiting a few minutes between each pull. The time it takes to feel marijuana’s signature effects varies from strain to strain, so you might want to slow down the pace a little so you don’t overdo it.

Jason says, “If you’re new to cannabis, you should start out really slow and experiment with different methods of ingesting cannabis. Smoking, vaping, and eating an edible all have different effects, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with different forms.”

Another thing to consider is that legal cannabis procured from a dispensary or storefront can be considerably stronger than the stale stuff your cousin’s friend’s neighbor gives you, so pace yourself with this more potent bud.

Sit Back and Relax

If there is one true downside to cannabis, it’s paranoia. Many medical patients consume cannabis to relax and find some relief from anxiety and stress. However, the herb can actually cause stress and anxiety to increase, especially in new consumers.

Want to avoid this problem? The solution is simple: stop worrying.

“Sometimes people feel a little uncomfortable,” explains Ean. “Don’t worry. Nothing is going to happen. It’ll pass very quickly. Just drink some water and relax.”

Get It Tested

Today’s cannabis industry is a far cry from the marijuana world of the 1970s. Now, more than ever before, consumers have access to important information about their bud. 

For the most part, consumers can find out exactly where their bud came from, how long it has been on the shelf, and what pesticides and fertilizers were used in the growing process. Many dispensaries actually get their products tested in specialized testing labs. This ensures that the buds you’re buying are free of molds, mites, and other harmful chemicals.

“At Denver Relief we always encourage people to make sure that their flowers are tested,” says Ean. “You really want to make sure that you have a clean, quality product.”

Jason also had similar advice: “It’s important for you to understand the relative amounts of THC [the primary psychoactive in cannabis] in your products.” Levels of THC determine the potency of cannabis products, which is a good thing to know before consuming.