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Cannabis and sleep: 9 things to know about your herbal nightcap

March 9, 2016
(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Cannabis can be a splendid sleep aid, which is why many consumers keep a go-to favorite by their bedside. Even people with the most stubborn insomnia can find their escape to the dream world with a nice sedating indica. While most consumers are aware that cannabis can help you get a good night’s sleep, there’s a lot more to that relationship than you might think. For example, did you know older dried cannabis makes you sleepier than fresh bud? And did you know that marijuana inhibits dreams?

Get ready to learn a thing or two about the ways cannabis can help or hinder your nightly hibernation.

1. CBD and THC affect sleep differently

By now you probably know that there are different types of strains: some get you high (high-THC, low-CBD), some don’t (high-CBD, low-THC), and others keep your buzz at a minimum (equal or near-equal parts THC and CBD). But which ones are better for sleep?

Most studies on sleep examine high-THC cannabis, so it’s hard to know precisely how CBD affects sleep cycles. Between the dearth of CBD research available and reported anecdotes, we see a mix of reactions. While some animal model studies show that CBD can have a slightly alerting effect, a survey of 72 adults with anxiety and poor sleep found that two-thirds of participants reported improved sleep with CBD after one month of use. However, one-fourth of participants reported worsened symptoms, so questions remain regarding who benefits from CBD and why.

It doesn’t hurt to try different products to see what works. But if CBD doesn’t work for you, consider trying a low dose of THC. Its hypnotic, sedative effects might just be the lullaby you’ve needed.


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2. Not all strains are equal


Popular opinion would tell you that indica strains tend to induce heavy, sleepy effects and sativas are known to be uplifting and energizing. While this might often be true (just take a look at our top-rated sleepy strains), this shouldn’t be the sole basis of your strain selection.

Take note of which strains have successfully lulled you to sleep. Are they high in THC or CBD? Did they exhibit a particular terpene profile? By keeping close tabs on the chemical composition of your favorite bedtime strains, you’re more likely to make another strain selection that you’re happy with.


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3. Natural remedies help maximize cannabis’ sleepy effects

Cannabis is a great way to ready yourself for sleep, but pairing it with other natural sleep aids can make for an even more restful night. “Other terpenoids are extremely synergistic with CBN, some in the cannabis plant, some I add from other herbals,” Rev. Dr. deCesare told us. “Hops, chamomile, and lavender contain important terpenes also found in cannabis, but found in much higher concentration. These inclusions in the medical remedy will make for a greatly enhance sedation efficacy.”

So next time you bust out your favorite sleepy strain, think about pairing it with a cup of chamomile tea or a lavender bubble bath. Melatonin, 5-HTP, and valerian root supplements may also help improve your sleep quality.


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4. Cannabis can help you fall asleep faster

(Linda Raymond/iStock)

Given its ability to quell stress and relax physically, it should come as no surprise that cannabis can help you fall asleep faster. This can be especially true for those treating pain, insomnia, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, or other conditions that interfere with the ability to fall asleep as cannabis relieves many bothersome symptoms. It’s worth noting that cannabis-infused edibles take longer to kick in than inhalation methods, but their effects can last several hours and help you stay asleep longer.


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5. Nighttime cannabis use may cause a “hangover”

Ever notice that your head might feel a little groggy in the morning after your nightcap? Cannabis can cause mild “hangovers” – no, you won’t be hunched over a toilet while daggers stab at your head, but you might feel a little foggy, dehydrated, lethargic, dry-eyed, or congested. This phenomenon may have never happened to you (high-five). Others have experienced bad hangovers from smoking low-grade or pesticide-riddled cannabis. The best way to avoid a bad morning is to buy clean/tested cannabis, drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, and refrain from overindulging. Nurse a hangover much like you would an alcohol hangover – water, exercise, vitamins, etc.


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6. Cannabis inhibits REM sleep and dreaming

One thing you may find yourself missing while regularly consuming cannabis is dreams. Dreams occur during the final stage of your sleep cycle called REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Cannabis use before bedtime is shown to reduce the time spent in REM, which means you won’t have as many dreams or as vivid dreams. However, if you halt long-term cannabis use, you’re likely to experience “REM rebound” in which you tend to have more dreams that are more lucid in nature.


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7. Cannabis may promote better breathing

Sleep apnea is a sleep condition characterized by frequent obstructions of breath, with lapses that can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. As you can imagine, sleep apnea causes the individual to wake up many times over the course of the night, and leads to a myriad of unpleasant ripple effects like daytime sleepiness, fatigue, headaches, mood disturbances, inattention, increased susceptibility to accident, and other health problems.

Preclinical studies show that cannabis may improve this condition. A 2013 study measured the efficacy of an exogenous cannabinoid known as dronabinol (a THC “mimic”) and noted improvements in 15 out of 17 study participants following 21 days of treatment. Another 2002 study observed THC’s ability to restore respiratory stability by modulating serotonin signaling. We’ll need more confidence from clinical studies to be certain of cannabis’ efficacy, but researchers appear to be off to a good start.


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8. Discontinuing long-term use may worsen sleep

If you’ve ever quit or taken a tolerance break after long-term cannabis use, you’re probably familiar with this phenomenon. You might find yourself tossing and turning, waking up frequently, or feeling groggy the next day. A 2008 sleep study found that discontinuing long-term use led to shorter sleep time, less slow wave sleep, worse sleep efficiency, longer sleep onset, shorter REM cycles, and more sleep disruption in abstaining subjects than the drug-free control group. However, researchers acknowledge these findings are limited by a small sample size and the inability to determine causation. In other words, it’s possible the study subjects had used cannabis to treat pre-existing insomnia and ceasing use caused a resurgence of sleepless symptoms.

9. Using cannabis at a young age may cause sleep problems

Using cannabis – particularly before the age of 15 – may cause sleeping problems throughout adulthood, according to a 2014 study that took survey information from 1,811 participants with a history of use. The key word there is “may” ­– the study was unable to determine whether cannabis caused worsened sleep or if insomniacs are more likely to use cannabis for its sedative effects. More studies are needed to confirm a causal relationship.


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  • Micki Bishop-Stultz

    I just started smoking the cbd strains and last night I smoked some old stuff and I selpt great for the first time in about two weeks

    • Martin Munos

      where can i get cbd strain to help me stay asleep through the night?

      • Greg Cahill

        Here are a few:

        Harlequin; Stephen Hawking Kush; AC/DC; Cannatonic; Harle Tsu; Canna Tsu; Sour Tsunami; Pennywise; Treasure Island; Yummy

  • Renee Sherer

    what is considered old? I actually saved something great from the 70’s. I forgot about it so it is 40+ years old. I finally tried it when a caretaker was going through some of my old things to help me move…we tried it and got wasted. My concern though, I did not grow it so who knows what type of pesticides may be mixed with it (still have more sitting around) Today’s stuff goes through labs that check for it. I even get organic. I’m concerned because I have oxygen issues (from very long opioid use (stopped 7/4/16 after 22 yrs)). My SPO2 has gotten much better but I’ve had breathing issues a couple of times. All my dox know I do medical mg and they agree it’s much better as long as I do not smoke. So I stick w/vaping & edibles, which we bake our own.

    • Normally, cannabis is harvested late (trichomes cloudy), dried for a week, and then “cured” for 1-2 weeks. If you harvest early (only half of trichomes are cloudy) it makes you sleepy and couch locked. If you grow an Indica and cure a LONG time, 3-4 weeks, it is a mellow, relaxing effect. I hope that helps. Stick with the Indicas and Kushes.

      • The CBD level goes up as it sits around about 5-8% every year. The DEA can test the CBD level to find the approximate age of the cannabis. I would say maybe 1-5 years at the most. It would have to be carefully stored in avery dry atmosphere so it wouldn’t mold. It would be fun to try.

        • Fun Please

          Having the DEA test yer stuff might not be the best idea

          • RockerXt29

            there are specific places you can go to get drugs tested (my brother went and got acid(LSZ by chance too, was fuckin amazing, insane visuals) and his half o of weed checked for pesticides and impurities and what not. There are places that do this without alerting anyone who would care.

    • Razi

      I think old would be anything older than 6 months.

      The good news is most chemicals would have broken down over 40-years, so Im sure you were just smoking weed. If there was anything bad on it in the first place. So rest easy.

      BTW, shane got the trichomes thing kinda wrong. I am a grower out here in Colorado, and from my experience, harvesting early creates a more heady high, where as harvesting late creates more of a body high and sleepy. The trichomes will be reddish if you want the most sleepy body high. Cloudy and clear is in the heady high. But whats more important than that is the strain. And like everyone says, if you wanna sleep, indica is the way to go.

    • Frank

      @ReneeTina:disqus Thank you for sharing your story. It took a lot guts to post about your addition. Congratulations on nearing your 1-year mark!

      I have bad Sleep Apnea that required major surgery to fix my jaw this past year. I also smoke daily, and I always buy a variety of hybrids, ativa, and indica for different purposes. Nevertheless, I am not convinced Marijuana has a positive effect on Sleep Apnea.

      My doctor told me that antidepressants will relax the muscles in your throat, which makes Sleep Apnea worse. I think that marijuana works in a similar way, it relaxes the muscles that help you breathe, which results in worse Sleep Apnea.

      It’s also possible that it helps some people sleep better, as the list above does look promising, but I don’t think it helps me for this disorder. I also have a stomach illness, and weed is a better treatment for that illness than every prescription my doctor has prescribed for me.

      • 大胆不敵なリーダー

        Thats interesting, i recently went for my Medical Marijuana prescription here in Canada and the doctor said that Health Canada will not allow marijuana to be prescribed for sleep apnea for the exact reason you described. They said it would make it worse. But i do find that i wake up full of energy and more rested after smoking before bed.

      • Greg Cahill

        Good points. I have found that smoking at night–2-3 hours before bedtime–aggravates my sleep apnea.

      • Honolulu Lulu

        I had bleeding stomach ulcers. Weed does seem to help stomach problems for sure, better than the Big Pharma stuff with all the side-effects. But when I was in the hospital the nurse poo-poo’ed weed and said smoking weed will aggravate my stomach ulcers, as she pumped me full of Nexium which gave me insomnia so she pumped me full of Lunesta which robbed me of dream sleep and I woke up feeling worse than before I went to sleep, along with all the wonderful side-effects of those chemicals. First World problems. We’re such Big Pharma chemical waste dumps anyway that it’s no wonder people have trouble sleeping.

  • Reb Orrell

    Is there a type which will let you sleep less? I used to sleep 5-6 hrs a night before I got sick. Now sleeping 10-12 hrs a night. I’d like to go back to 5 or 6 hrs and reduce the number of hours I’m currently sleeping.

  • Lynn Garza

    does any one know of an Indica strain that comes in an oil ???

    • Many dispensaries have cananbis oils made from Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids. For instance DC dispensaries have Cannatonic Cannabis OIl.

    • Gary Lapple

      Emerald Farms Purple Kush is available in an oil cartridge and is a great sleep strain. Blackberry Kush by Absolute Extracts is good but slightly less effective for me than PK.

  • I smoke cannabis for my insomnia, and for many other reasons. The stuff about aged weed, CBD and Indicas are correct; the rest, I am not so sure. I have been smoking cannabis for 40 years. I don’t see it ‘inhibiting dreams and REM”, I’m not buying that part and a few others. I am going Nitey Night, because I just smoked some weed and I am relaxed and sleepy. #Zzz

    • Alex

      You’re lucky you don’t see the effect, but it definitely does inhibit dreams for many people sadly (or I guess, increases the chance you won’t remember them?) If the benefits weren’t so great, it would stop me from smoking. I used to be really good at lucid dreaming and remembered my dreams about 60% of the time, now I remember my dreams maybe once a month and it’s only been five months of daily use.

      • RockerXt29

        i have been smoking at night for years now and i know for a fact i still dream when i do, but i remember less of the dream and they seem to be shorter, so i believe there is some truth to that part of the article.

  • Mary Lucas

    I’ve had a tough time sleeping for the past 3 years, until a friend introduced me to indica cannabis strains. I finally tried it, and it’s the only thing that’s been able to make me sleep like a baby without the groggy feeling that melatonin gives. Last year, I decided to grow my own indica strains so I never actually run out of supply. I highly encourage it for anyone with insomnia. Here’s a guide to growing indica… hope it helps you.

  • Josh Derickson

    I hit my Quanta CBD pen every night 15 min before I go to bed. Unlike some other products i’ve tried, I actually sleep through the night without waking up. Check them out on facebook, could change your life <3

    • Michael Krieger

      Where do they actually sell there vape pens? Can’t locate on site, thanks for any info!

  • newlifeinchrist7777

    The instructions for my magical butter machine lists those temps and times to decarb for CBD or CBN. Since CBD and CBN are produced from THC breaking down, the oven method is just a lil quicker than waiting for THC to breakdown into CBN naturally.

  • newlifeinchrist7777

    You can also decarb your weed to make more CBN. For a more CBD like effect bake at 280F for 60-90 min. This will activate CBDA into CBD and degrade some THC into CBN. Decarbing wont make more CBD just activates what is already there. The longer you bake the more THC is converted into CBN. For max CBN conversion bake at 320F for 90-120 min. These decarb instructions came with my magical butter machine and I have made awesome CBN MCT tinctures using this decarb method.

    • Ricky

      cool thanks.

  • Martin Munos

    where can i get cbd strains to help me stay asleep through the night

  • Respect

    Sleep for me has always been a problem. I generally spend entirely too much time in REM, leaving me feeling extremely tired and worn out in the morning. When I began to use cannabis in a responsible manner near bedtime, my sleep became significantly more restful, and I spent considerably less time in REM. I still dream, sometimes even really vivid. But if I had to choose between the old way with no cannabis, and the new way with cannabis, the new way wins hands down.

    • Ray

      If you’re getting well rested sleep with cannabis then I guess you’re one of the lucky ones. I don’t see any reason to stop if it’s working for you. Most people find that their sleep is broken and can’t achieve REM sleep.

  • Troy Williams

    I have smoked weed for 25 years. I’m trying drug free life. It is terrible-i had severe depression, thoughts of suicide and little to no sleep. What’s wrong with me?

    • morticia

      Were those bad symptoms you describe BEFORE you quit, or after?

      • Troy Williams

        This all occurred after i had stopped smoking for about 2weeks.

        • morticia

          Sounds like some sort of “withdrawal.” The situation may improve with time. And if you’re tempted to relapse, just remember that weed is not cocaine or heroin or alcohol–it’s way less harmful than any of those!

    • Ingrid

      If it got you high it was high THC. Using high THC doesn’t allow the CBD (and other cannabinoids) to express. Try using CBD strains to stimulate your endo- cannabinoid receptors for a while. You won’t get high, but you’ll maybe balance things out.

  • morticia

    I smoked a lot of weed of all kinds in my youth, and enjoyed the hell out of it, but had occasional very bad panic attacks. Pounding heart, an overwhelming sense of impending doom. Most unpleasant. Gradually, this began to happen every time I smoked or ingested, so I had to quit completely. For the last few years, I’ve been suffering with industrial-strength insomnia. Now I hear about CBD strains and Indica strains being good for sleep, and wish I could partake, but the old fear rises at the prospect of trying them. Could not bear a panic attack these days! Advice? Thoughts?

    • Jade

      I started smoking weed at 15 and eventually would have crazy panic attacks and hallucinations. I stopped smoking for years after that. I have had insomnia and recently decided to try pot for that. I have Not been getting panic attacks or tripping out however I’m sure to only smoke hybrids or indica’s. Also, I only smoke joints. No pipes, vaporizers, and especially NOT bongs!!! I think the main thing for me is that I don’t ever see myself using a bong again. As teenagers we used to smoke tuxada time warp out of these huge bongs and I would get way way to high. I usually just smoke half a joint of indica or hybrid and that is enough for me. I have a low tolerance.

      • morticia

        Ha! I did the same thing when I was a teenager–we had a huge hookah with multiple hoses-mouthpieces. The thing was several feet tall and bubbled away. We got so high that we’d laugh until our faces ached….

    • Wonka

      I’ve been smoking on and off since i’m 16. Sometimes I would feel great, other times, I would get really anxious. I couldn’t really prepare myself for the high for some reasons, even if I would smoke on a regular basis; the effects would vary greatly from a batch to another. I had great contacts, but the roulette effects and the whole illegal process to acquire the flowers back then would exacerbate my worries over time.

      Now I’m medically prescribed marijuana for severe arthritis, and it’s the day and night. I have access to a wide variety of flowers and, after some exploration, I found low THC / high CBD works wonder on me (soft enjoyable high with good effects on my mood and inflammation). Needless to say that being able to access high grade regulated weed is a must if your looking for consistency and health benefits.

      Imagine if you would acquire alcohol in the same way most people do for their marijuana; buying a batch of bottles without labels from someone you doesn’t really know, not knowing the exact potency of it. Sometimes you are gonna get beers, but sometimes you might get hard liquors. Add the fact that some undesirable agents can slip in the production, you now have a product with unreliable effects for the user.

      The truth being, you are more than likely to find hard liquor if you buy on the street, because recreational users usually seek high potency, and even if you built up a good tolerance with time, it might well be not suited for you.

      My personal advice would be to not categorize marijuana entirely. If you wish to stop, I encourage you to, but if you still want to use weed for personal reasons or socially, I strongly advice to get your stuff from a reliable medical source if possible. IMHO, I would also suggest you to try low THC flowers and/or with CBD. For comparison, I always smoke weed that contain under 10% THC and I’ve never felt anxious again.

      Stay safe and good luck!

      • Ingrid


  • Rebecca

    How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  • It would be nice to address the difference between sedation vs natural sleep and how CBD/THC plays a role in each. A lot of chemicals such as common sleep aids and alcohol are sedatives, which may ‘knock you out’ but the physiological effects are much different than that of natural sleep. Just because you are not conscious, doesn’t mean you’re getting quality sleep. The reduced REM sleep is not a good sign.

    • Alex

      Too much REM limits how long a person spends in deep sleep. If the subject is not getting enough REM I could see this being a problem, but many people with sleep and mood disorders spend excessive amounts of time in REM and these people often find relief in marijuana.

    • Kristin

      Echoing Alex’s comment: I’ve had “anxiety-mares” that wake me up in a pool of sweat. I’ve found that using a THC edible or Indica vape pen has reduced the dream intensity (I still dream) and allowing me to stay asleep longer and when I wake up I’m still relaxed enough to fall back asleep. It’s an n =1, but I’m probably not the only one.

    • Teresa Shogren

      I have quit cannabis for the month of november and will pick it back up again in december, just wanted to rebalance myself. I have always felt very rested and still have dreams when I am a daily cannabis user. Now that I have stopped for the last two weeks I have slept through the night but awaken feeling exhausted and unrested. I have also been sleeping an extra 1-2 hours a night. I think the reduced REM sleep allows me to get a more restful sleep, because I have no other reason to explain why I have been sooooo exhausted. I am over it, I usually have an abundant amount of energy

      • Dandylion

        There are other reasons to explain your exhaustion. If you are a daily user and you quit, your body goes through withdrawls/ detox symptoms for up to 6-7 weeks. Your body has a natural rhythm that Cannabis alters. now that your a not altering with cannabis your body has to adjust and recalibrate. eating more fruits & veggies, drinking tea/lots of water, exercise, and taking vitamins/supplements could help assist your body in moving through this process so you won’t feel so exhausted. good luck!

    • Jean Luby

      Devin…what do you suggest? 3 hrs. of natural sleep does nothing for me the other 3 awake does not want me to live a normal life. Insomnia is hell to live with.

  • lakshay sudan

    i am a heavy cannabis smoker and smoke almost every day but when i try to sleep without smoking the whole day so i can have a day gap , im really restless at night and unable to sleep for 1-2 hours after which i use cannabis late night usually and end up with a hangover next day !

    • Dandylion

      you could try replacing your smoke with high CBD, low THC to lower your tolerance over time and allow your body to regulate back into its natural cycles

  • Pearl

    In Chicago. Anyone recommend any cannabis SLEEP AIDS? (other than flower). Someone mentioned there is some kind of CBN lozenge but I have not located anything like that yet.

    • Ingrid

      In ’17 I tried CBN caps ($5 a pop!) from a Chi Town area dispensary. NO sleep! So I tried 2. Still NO sleep! Hope they’ve improved them, or at least cut the cost. Little helped me until I figured the cause of my Insomnia. Histamine Intolerance is a very common cause of insomnia and sleep problems. I take a 1 gen anti histamine (liquid) hydroxyzine to help me sleep (Diphenhydramine and common OTC anti-histamines don’t work for me.) DAO, which stands for diamine oxidase, is the main enzyme that breaks down histamine in the digestive tract and helps maintain histamine balance in the body.

  • Honolulu Lulu

    I’m happy to read this article. I usually smoke before bedtime, but I’ve noticed the lack of dream sleep and that is disturbing. It’s beginning to affect my cognitive abilities, that lack of dream sleep. I usually have very pleasant dreams and I miss them. I smoke everyday and my former boyfriend called me a drug addict. Weed is legal here in Colorado and readily available, but it’s not for me anymore. As of now I quit. This long-time pothead is becoming a grown-up and hanging up her bong, putting it out to pasture…goodbye, old bong, you’ll be in grass up to your knees.

  • Dan Challis

    REM Rebound blows. Some people may not experience it the same way but it seems for many people the dreams are usually not that pleasant. Maybe not outright nightmares but usually stressful at least. Which might be why night sweats are also common. I don’t know if the bad dreams are part of the REM Rebound or that it just tends to happen because stopping long-term weed use can be a pretty stressful/anxious/irritating time, especially if you don’t really want to but have to for whatever reason, and the dreams just tend to reflect your state of mind. I know a lot of mine usually involve me trying to find a bag of weed, getting the run-around all over town and dealing with crazy dream crap, and when I finally get some and am about to smoke I wake up. Even if I was resolute about quitting the night before it’s like you’re magically turned into somebody else overnight and being that close to getting high (which would make you feel better in the short term, although wreck whatever plan you had for taking a break or quitting) is so tantalizing that mornings can still be hard no matter how serious I am about my T-Break or whatever is causing me to stop smoking.

  • DoloRese Plante

    My concern is not falling asleep but keeping asleep for more than 5 hours, any recommendations?

    • Ray

      In terms of sleep aids I’ve found herbs to be the most effective for natural, refreshing sleep . (Valerian, Ashwagandha, Hops, Chamomile) are all very good choices. Nutrition Blends has a really good supplement called Inner Peace Formula ( which is a combination of them all. Melatonin works well too and is probably the most cost effective supplement. However the one major downside is the morning grogginess, or some call it ‘Melatonin hangover’. Not even a strong coffee could shake the feeling so I stopped using it.

      Hope this helps.

    • tea_dragon

      Kavinace Ultra PM. I’ve found that edibles can help me *fall* asleep but Kavinace is the ONLY thing that will help me *stay* asleep for more than 5 hours.

      • Jean Luby

        Kavinace where do you buy it? What is it?

        • Ricky

          Kavinance is loaded with Phenibut – which is strong and can be habit forming. It’s very dangerous to mix it with alcohol and you should use caution mixing it with melatonin (which is in Kavinance). Also to note, I get dizzy when I take Phenibut and smoke marijuana.

    • ErkanDM

      Had the same problem. Mix some drips of THC oil in a Casein shake and take just before bed. It moves slowly through the system. I consistently get 8hrs of sleep on that mix.. No grogginess at all.

  • Dave France

    For me, it stops my dreams. That is why I do it.

    • Dandylion

      why do you want to stop your dreams?

      • Dave France

        They wake me up at night. I also had a very bad dream one night a few weeks after stopping smoking, and it was the worst I ever had.
        When I got out of bed, it was like I had just come out of the bathtub, I was soaked in sweat from head to foot. I can still remember the dream today..

        • Ricky

          tell me about the dream

          • Dave France

            All I remember was the part that woke me up. It was like dark creatures all over me from every direction piling on top of me.
            Though oddly enough here was no weight behind them.
            Eventually I could see nothing except darkness.
            I got out of bed straight away and I looked like I had just got out of the shower I was so wet. I had to change my pyjamas.

  • Celaina Eligar

    So if cannabis reduces the time spent in REM, won’t your quality of sleep also decrees? You need REM for your brain to repair and reboot every night. Is there a strain that won’t mess with my REM sleep?

    • Celaina Eligar

      Oh wait, I think someone else answered it. I have anxiety induced insomnia as well as depression and personality disorder. So does that mean I could actually be spending too much time in REM already and that’s why I wake up so much?

      • Dandylion

        try high CBD strains, or CBD only tinctures/ oils.

    • My one and only concern with cannabis…. I see the value as a sleep aid but interfering with the regenerative aspects of sleep is very problematic, Imo.

  • Michelle Wolfe

    How long dose a girls scout cookie plant from see to flower take? 4 months.?

  • heywally

    I’m 66 and started using (again) cannabis/THC as a sleep aid about an hour before bedtime, as I had mild insomnia. I also use CBD during the day, as a — hopefully — anti-inflammatory and who knows, cancer cell inhibitor, maybe.

    It worked (I starting getting good sleep and waking up refreshed) but I noticed that I either wasn’t dreaming or wasn’t remembering any dreams. So I’ve been doing some research and discovered that it does indeed interfere with the REM cycle. Some pretty important brain stuff happens during REM and so I decided to lay off for a few nights and am now indeed getting a large bunch of dreams again. So, I am going to cut way back, to either 1 or 2 times at most per week, with the whole plant THC tincture (includes terpenes and other plant materials) I’ve been using. I don’t want to interfere too much with the natural brain processes but figure THC-induced deep sleep is an okay or good thing to do maybe twice per week. Good luck.

    • Dandylion

      Good call! I think dreams are important too 🙂 THC has been shown to lower dopamine responses, so the risks are less REM time, lower dopamine and less motivation, which increases over time & with increased use. CBD alone should help regulate good sleep cycles, I’d say you could go down to 1/wk with the THC or even less! blessed journeys ~

  • Pelchmort Frembruzzmelflemp

    I know that the REM thing is true for me. I can become lucid a lot easier after abstinence. I am me though.

  • Julie Nicholson

    All points in this post contain very meaningful information. Marijuana helps people who affected by insomnia. We can use cannabis for mental relaxation that helps for good asleep and staying asleep. Make Able for good dreams also. You can get Medical Marijuana Card Online by visiting this site :

  • jagman

    My wife is 73 yo and has Mitral Valve Prolapse. She also has always had
    a hard time “staying asleep” and can not go back to sleep when she
    wakes up. She has tried SABA and other “sleep aids” but with her heart
    valve problem, I was wondering if
    cannabis might be a better solution if I can get her to try it.

    Can anyone be more SPECIFIC” of what I ASK for, for her
    sleeping if I get her an AZ card?

    • Dandylion

      I would start with CBD strains, it is non-psychoactive, so she won’t get high, and the sleep benefits are way more measurable than when you’re getting high. Basically with CBD only you can a lot of benefits of cannabis without the risks. here is an article for more info :

    • flower

      I have a pacemaker, age 72, and have been using cbd/thc tinctures, realy like them, just a very little helps my anxiety, sleep, and inflamation. Still trying different strength levels. Started about 8 months ago, for pain too. I use at night. Sometimes a little during day for anxiety, not a heavy user.

  • Teresa Shogren

    I have been smoking cannabis almost daily for the last 5 years. This month of november I decided to do “No Drug” November and take a break from alcohol and cannabis. For the last two weeks I have been waking up feeling exhausted and unrested after sleeping about 8-9 hours a night. Why am I so exhausted? Does smoking weed help me get a more restful sleep? I am now lacking motivation and struggling with feeling rested although not smoking weed has been super easy. I usually wake up with an abundant amount of energy.

    • Dandylion

      Your body is likely Detoxing from the years of Cannabis use… withdraw symptoms can last 6-7 weeks after last use. your body is recalibrating and trying to find it’s natural rhythm again.

      • Jean Luby

        If cannabis works why stop using it and put up with recalibrating. Why then start in the first place? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • I’m concerned about the implications of cannabis because of its association with REM sleep inhibition— the dreaming state(REM) is crucial to the formation of our truest desires. So much reparation and building to our physical, mental and spiritual Being occurs during this period. I realize the very numerous medicinal benefits to cannabis (and suspect there are some not yet recognized) but this is a serious detriment IMO.

  • Alieninvader

    The best sleep I get is with a THC/CBD hybrid. I just did a two week recovery break, and my nightly consumption of edibles went down from 20 mg THC to 10. I feel much more awake during the day now. I don’t get as high at night, but I sleep as well.

    • alieninvader1 briefly

  • Pablo Hein

    I smoke always before i sleep. I don’t smoke cannabis besides of that. Once i had to go to jail for a week because of a fine i didn’t want to pay. (I am innocent i swear) The whole week i couldn’t sleep more than two hours. Another thing is hashish, specially the dark ones. Those are Indica hash, the black Afghanistan, or India and Nepal. If you find hashish cured with a bit of opium oil, you’ll sleep no matter what.

  • flower

    I use a cbd/thc tincture for sleep, anxiety, inflamation. Have tried several. Love the agave, but hate the refrigeration. My 1 to 1 ratio, that does not need refrigeration is very good. I am 72, and cannot take pills, stomach issues. Love the tinctures. Was old school smoker in 70’s, cannot tolerate vaping very much. My questions are what are your experiences with different strengths, and how good are the gummies. I would like to settle on one mix, if possible that does not need refrigeration. Thanks all…

    • Tiffany Morrow

      Would you say cbd helps you sleep

  • Cris Mattews

    I was a call center agent for 2 years and a half. I worked in a graveyard shift so that’s why I am awake at night and sleep the whole day. And suddenly I quit my job because of my personal problem. And now I am having a hard time to sleep at night because I get used to being awake at night. Maybe one of the reason also is about my family problem. I really don’t know. So this is my problem now I want to sleep in a normal way but it didn’t happen, so I told my friend about this then he told me to try this CBD as a medicine I did not believe him at first coz i didn’t know anything about it. I came across this article that marijuana can help me with my problem. I don’t know if this will work or not. Can somebody help me with this? Or any suggestion. Thanks in advance.

  • Tiffany Morrow

    Has anyone tried cbd from Tweedle Farms

  • Glen Birbeck

    Having half a century of experience with weed and hash I knew it could help with sleep. I just became legal (here in Maine). The law as currently applied no longer requires a specific medical
    complaint…but, aside from enjoying the mellow relaxing effect when I am awake, I know it improves the quality of my sleep. Even ten to twenty percent longer in deep sleep is worth the fare. I am 73 and not worried about my growth being stunted or any of the scare tactics we’ve been subjected to. As for mental function. The bar for stupidity in the US seems to be lowering rapidly so I imagine I can stay above the average however stoned I get.

  • Sil

    Mores studies need to be done in order to say for sure THC and CBD delay/ inhibit REM sleep. I had a patient who was a daily user. Approximately 1gram a day. This patient did not have delay REM nor was it reduced. Research also connects THC to an increase in slow wave sleep, an essential aspect of cerebral restoration and recovery.

  • Tatjana

    So I’ve been experimenting with different strains and edibles and have found that when I do indicas I will get anywhere to 30-45 mins of REM sleep, which is on par with my average without any THC.

    But if I have a hybrid I’ll get around 1 hr 38 min but if I smoke a little bit of my Jack Herer with the edible I’ll get over 2 hrs of REM sleep, according to my Fitbit.

    Anyone else have any similar experiences?