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Cannabis 101

How to buy cannabis in a legal recreational state

May 14, 2018
So you live in a state that has legal cannabis, but you aren’t sure where to begin. Don’t worry! By the end of this guide, you’ll be ready to walk into a recreational cannabis shop with confidence and walk out with a bag of exciting cannabis products perfect for you.


What to Expect on Your First Visit to a Dispensary or Retail Cannabis Shop

Step 1: Find a Cannabis Dispensary Near You

Note: You must be age 21+ with valid identification to purchase cannabis in any state that’s legalized recreational adult-use cannabis.

While finding the perfect dispensary for you takes time and exploration, the very first step is to assess which shops are near you. Use Leafly’s store locator tool for a bird’s eye view of stores nearby. Click to view their details at a glance, or dive into their full dispensary page to check out reviews, deals, and menus.

Explore Dispensaries Nearby

Don’t be afraid to explore a few different shops. Every shop has a unique staff, atmosphere, deals, and product selection. Consider scrolling through a few user-submitted reviews to get a feel for what customers liked (or didn’t like) about the shop. You can also take our word for it, and subscribe to Leafly’s newsletter where we drop recommendations for shops, strains, and other products.

Once you’ve found a store you love, be sure to leave a review and follow it on Leafly. Maybe you appreciated how helpful the staff was, enjoyed the atmosphere, or found a product you know you’ll want to come back to. Whatever your positive experience looked like, it’s good to take note!

Step 2: Learn the Cannabis Basics

After you’ve selected a shop, you have one of two options as a first-time buyer:

  1. You can go in and trust that the budtender will make a good recommendation.
  2. Do a little research to get a better idea of which products may be better suited for you.

We recommend option two—if you take a look at your local store’s menu, you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the options available. Looking for bud? You’ve got dozens of unique strains to choose from. Trying to re-live that pot brownie experience of yesteryear? Great, what’s your desired potency? Wondering what a dab is? …We’ll get there, but maybe not today.


Advice for First-Time Cannabis Smokers: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

Luckily, Leafly has an answer to almost every cannabis question you might have. Here are a few of the most common, along with a resource full of answers.

You can certainly field these questions to a budtender, but when shops are bustling, you may feel pressure to make a decision too quickly. Familiarize yourself with the very basics, and you’ll undoubtedly have a more positive experience than if you were to go in unprepared.

Step 3: Choose and Pick Up Your Products

Now that you’re somewhat familiar with cannabis strains, dosing, and consumption methods, revisit the Leafly menu of your local dispensary. You can sort this menu by any desirable criteria such as:

  • Flower (“I want to smoke or vaporize it!”)
  • Concentrates (“I want to try these discreet vape pens!”)
  • Edibles (“I want something that’ll last longer!”)
  • Pre-rolls (“Roll it for me, please!”)
  • Other (“They make cannabis suppositories, bath soaks, and lube?!”)

Every strain and product delivers a unique experience, so be adventurous and try a few different types and brands until you find the products you absolutely love.

A few more nice-to-know tips before you go include how much cannabis you’re allowed to buy in your state and in Canada, where you’re allowed to consume it, and what to do if you accidentally get a little too high.

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Bailey Rahn

Bailey is a senior content manager at Leafly, specializing in strains and health. She's spent 7+ years researching cannabis products, spreading patients’ stories, and exploring healthy ways of integrating cannabis into daily life.

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3 part series

  • Beth Feld

    Also, TIP your budtender!!!! ESPECIALLY if you ask for special treatment (like picking through shake or getting you the biggest buds, etc…). You tip your bartender for stronger drinks and better service; same logic rolls over in the dispensary. Just a handy tip! 😉

    • Ryan

      Tip the grower fuck the budtender. Any dumbass could sell cannabis. You should tip your grower but odds are you have no idea who they are

      • 360dunk

        Except nobody comes in contact with the grower. You buy an eighth at a dispensary and you go home….you don’t have the opportunity to visit their warehouse and talk to those involved in the grow or distribution chain. Keep in mind, everything is still illegal on the federal level and there’s an emphasis on security.

        • Ryan

          Ok, don’t get me wrong. When I said f the budtender tip the grower was a little strong. With prices being as high as they are with taxes it should not be expecting a tip. The owner of the business should pay the budtender more money per hour. I personally grow my own and take great pride in product I grow

          • 360dunk

            You’re fortunate to be able to grow your own. For most cases though, the budtender doesn’t really see profits from high prices and taxes. He or she is an hourly worker like a cab driver or deli counter cashier. Being a new industry, a lot of owners are barely scraping by with all the taxes, regulations, overhead, and inventory costs. They seem to be paying the budtenders whatever the local work market dictates….no more, no less.

          • Ryan

            Honestly 360, the owners are making money hand over fist. I live in California and know some of these shops bring in over $30,000 to $50,000 daily in cash. There is more then enough $$$ to go around. Unfortunately most of the tenders around here a very nice, attractive women with very little knowledge of what they are actually selling in regards to strains and which ones are best for certain purposes. Too many hot babes and very little knowledge. Tips are nice but a budtenders job is not that difficult

          • Talira K.

            Besides, don’t they also get a substantial break on their products? That could be huge! (I’d love to hear what you know about this!)😁

      • Marc B

        Do you tip the chef at a restaurant or the server.?

        • Ryan

          Yes but they are waiting on me for approximately an hour not 2 min. There is a big difference. Understand Marc ? I ask to meet the chef and tip them both

          • Marc B

            Okay so you do tip. But tipping also comes with common sense.(with none of the puns intended)
            Here let me put it another way.
            So years ago you would want some pot. So you go over to whomever your weed connection was, and you would buy your quarter ounce for 40 bucks. Then you would hang out there, smoke some of the weed, you just purchased, together with your weed man, and whom ever else was there. that’s just like giving a tip to your weed man.

          • E.L. Bl/Du

            Marc B then you arent very practical, as you should’ve had the seller smoke THEIRS not the stuff you just paid for w hen he has 12 more bags just like it in the back. Duh! It takes noodles for brains to be a budtender, they dont deserve a tip for standing around talking about weed when half of them dont know wtf they’re talking about. They read about it. My point is, they are not able to dole out favorites. EVERY crumb is weighed and accounted for. Tips will do nothing to favor a “better” bud. The best is the tips and the grower gets those.

          • Beth Feld

            I dunno who you’re buying your weed from, but my budtenders are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about all things THC, CBD, terpenes, etc… And yeah, if I throw my tender 3-5 dollars, they break the stems off my bud for me! Sorry your budtenders suck E.L.

        • E.L. Bl/Du

          Marc, in the resturant the server shares the tip w. the chef.

    • MrGEMiNi333

      They shouldn’t be giving you little buds and shake anyway. A budtender makes a lot more than a bartender so that is a horrible comparison. I don’t condone tipping a grower/budtender for allowing me to view and package their product that I’m paying for. How else do they expect me to buy it. If a budtender goes out of there way or is exceptionally nice then a tip may be deserving. Do you get a tip for doing your job right?

      • Beth Feld

        I’m just sayin you take good care of your budtender, they take good care of you. Pretty sure that’s how the service industry works.. Hate if you want!

        • E.L. Bl/Du

          Im just saying it doesnt take a whole lot of skill to be a budtender, and some “budtender” made that up to “TIP” them trying to get more $. ITs the GROWER that does all the work that deserves a tip, no some punk “know it all” behind the counter going on and on with Bs about weed. That does NOT deserve a tip, sorry. ITs not like hes waiting on a table or a bar crowd. They are Not serving me a j to smoke and enjoy. NO, I am making a purchase to take home, NO TIP NECESSARY

          • 360dunk

            Actually budtenders are becoming more and more knowledgeable as this industry progresses. A good understanding of terpenes and the effects of CBD oil to combat ailments, for example, is valuable to consumers.

            The dispensaries I’ve been to in four states have a tip jar, so you’re not really tipping 10-15% anyway. It’s no different than the tip jar at your local deli.

          • Beth Feld

            Cool bro, have fun with stemy bud and upside down concentrates lol!

      • Marc B

        I understand you’re not in the service industry, just by your comments of tipping. I also further understand that you probably make a good living, and probably don’t understand the value of what it takes for the person to come your Home, do the right job, and be clean, and neat, and professional, while in your home. Any person that comes to your home to repair something, electricians, plumbers, etc., should all be tipped something for the job that they do.
        With regards to the restaurant service business, most patrons, throughout the world, commonly give tips to people at restaurants or bars that they visit. I will have to say that in this service industry, restaurants service, tipping the server starts at 10% to 20% standard within the industry.

        • rb bo

          Servers is MA get paid less than $3 an hour, which is why tips are required for waiters/waitresses to make a living. The starting rate for a budtender in MA is $15 per hour – more than I make as a teacher and no one is tipping me.

          • Steve

            Please tell me where in MA you pretend that you only make $15/hour as a teacher. And please don’t give me this crap about all the extra hours you work on salary. The average salary for a teacher in MA is $70k which even at the generous 40 hour work week factored over the entire year still equates to $33.65/hour. This doesn’t count prep periods/lunch, holidays, or the entire fucking summer you are not required to work which pushes that hourly rate much higher.

        • Publican

          I stick with 15%. That is the standard. 10% you are being a cheap cheat. Over 15% and you are making up for the rude people that leave $1 on a $20 tab.

      • GTG

        There seems to be this misconception that budtenders are making a lot of money. Most bartenders don’t make much money, outside of the addition of their tips. Heck, most Americans aren’t making much more than min. wage, nowadays.

    • G.M.Duclos

      I didn’t realize this my first time to Nevada, in CT the dispensaries are tended by licensed pharmacists. How many people tip their pharmacists?

      • Talira K.

        Rural NV here. I never tip budtenders. (Gads, have you SEEN our prices lately? $17-$20 gram!) Especially when they are pretentious. condescending millenials and the piped in “music” is hip-hop!?! NOOOOOOooo……!😒🤦!

        • E.L. Bl/Du

          Oh thank god someone else said it. I Think one of them started this so they can scam us even more. HOLY COW that is HIGH! (sorry)

          • Talira K.

            Yeah, the prices are high and I’m not!!! (as much). It will be a year July 1st that prices skyrocketed and have not budged!!?!! How long did it take for other states’ prices to drop? WA, OR, CO and even newbie CA are WAY cheaper! Asking for your input on this situation. Thanks. Party on, Garth!

          • 360dunk

            The prices went up here last July simply because we went recreational then and it was a supply/demand issue…..just not enough inventory. Things have leveled off since and if you shop around, you can find prices that are similar to elsewhere.

          • E.L. Bl/Du

            the 1st yr recreational was legal it dropped a little, 2nd yr a little more, they keep passing out grow permits (980 in holding now) by the 3rd yr growers are LUCKY to get $400/lb. This yr, forget it, even the BEST weed is worthless. Dispensaries have “their” growers. There is NO gold rush in Oregon anymore. It cost more to grow it than you can sell it for. Add in all the new fees they attach and requirements for CC TV on the grow, its EXPENSIVE! Even for just 6 plants. Allot of these big grows that moved in are going bankrupt. I say good, move back to your state and work on leglaization there instead of screwing it up for all of us who have been growing medical here for decades. Other prob is the newb growers all use chemical fertilizers (cheaper) and they dont test for “organics” like they do with food. There is no certification for that. Who knows what all those chemicals do to your lungs. The run off from the chem fert. is causing algae overgrowth in all our streams and lakes. (and now killing a swath of fish in the ocean) its a MESS! anyway, prices in the dispensaries dropped 3rd yr to $3/gram (but Ive seen it and its dogshit) and so are the Oz’s that go for $75, transfer over state line and its FEDERAL PRISON

          • E.L. Bl/Du

            Tilira: it took about 3 yrs after rec became legal. 1st yr there was a shortage, now there is WAY too much being produced. Big money came in and put in these 2000-4000 plant grows and drown all us small growers out. They’re everywhere. I had another long comment on here but it disappeared! Hm. Anyhoo, just depends on how many get involved in your state growing. It disgusting in Or by how many moved here and ruined it for us native growers to make ANYTHING let alone recoup their costs. Cant compete w/ Big Pharma’s greenhouses. Not to mention the damage all the chemical fertilizers they use are doing to our streams, lakes and now killing swaths of fish in the ocean. (its cheaper than organic and less responsible growing practices) Its a mess here. All the new Dispensaries have their OWN growers b/4 they open. I’ve seen the $3 gram and $75/oz crap they are trying to pawn off and its dogshit. We use that to make hash. Growers and owners keep all the colas and the best part of the plant then try to sell the junk. IDK about Wa or Ca

        • Talira K.

          Btw, the aforementioned prices are NOT including tax!!! And I have a Medical card!!! WTF!??!!

      • 360dunk

        I live in Nevada and no, the budtenders are not licensed pharmacists. The guy working out of his station wagon who wants to pull your sore tooth is probably not a licensed dentist either.

    • 360dunk

      That’s not how it works, Beth. You go into a dispensary and you choose a strain to buy but you don’t ‘pick through shake’ or ‘get the biggest buds’. Basically, they sell you a pre-packaged bag or jar from their stash under the counter. They don’t bag it up for you while you wait or let you sift through unpackaged inventory.

      • pinkfloydssoul .

        Not always true. Where I go they pick fresh buds and weigh them and bag them in front of you.

        • 360dunk

          I’ve been to dispensaries in four western states and they’re all basically the same. Yours may be the exception but you failed to mention where.

          • pinkfloydssoul .

            Ann Arbor Michigan

          • Bbrown

            I’m a budtender in Oregon and we have both deli style (you take it out and weigh it) and pre packaged flower. I’ve been to many dispensaries here and all of them serve deli style flower and many of them do pre packaged as well. It is by no means the exception.

          • 360dunk

            Fair enough, although I was referring to the dispensaries I’ve been to in Nevada, Calif, Washington, and Colorado. Oregon may be different.

        • Marc B


      • Beth Feld

        Actually, in western Colorado they do!

    • E.L. Bl/Du

      Beth. I say BS TO THAT (*&%^(*&% They are making ENOUGH money off of weed these days.. The only ones NOT making money is the grower, the one doing ALL THE WORK, NOT the “budtender” That ISNT WORK! Ooh, maybe he’ gets a blister opening that jar. Bud tenders are NOT BAR TENDERS! THey are NOT serving me a joint to smoke. NO, NO TIPS! They have a VERY kushy job, (scuze the unintended pun. lol) and definitely DO NOT DESERVE A TIP for that!

      • GTG

        Budtenders do not necessarily made “good money”. As with any service industry, one should tip for services they feel are deserving. A long time ago, in a land far, far away, people had common courtesy and manners.

  • Alan479 Martin

    we need an article on how to buy cannabis in a non recreational state. Any fool can find a way to buy in a recreational state and fund and support degenerate legal criminals.

    • 360dunk

      I wouldn’t call them fools for buying their weed at a dispensary. I’d rather buy from a legal dispensary and have my tax support schools than to buy from the real criminals (foreign cartels). If you’re in a non-recreational state, simply get a medical card. Let’s not pretend that’s a difficult ordeal because it isn’t.

    • Scooter Bell

      You need to move. BTW: Cannabis generates a good chunk of change here in Washington, which also goes to fund state programs,
      general fund, etc. (see ). If that’s a ‘fund
      for legal criminals’, I’m a member citizen!

    • pinkfloydssoul .

      They call that “street-buy” if you don’t have a med. card.

    • Marc B

      Dude, you sound unreal. actually you sound like you need to smoke a hell of a lot of pot .

    • whatever

      Hawaii announced that as of 1/18, they would take cards from other states…great, I say, I won’t have to travel with flower when we go there because Hawaii is open to taking my state MMJ card! Not so fast…when I found a dispensary, they told me, “Mmmm, no, the state hasn’t given us any protocol/computer access to taking cards from other states” which is horseshit, so I had to go to a beach to find “medicine” so I would not have to suffer/ruin my trip due to my debilitating chronic illness. Now, if you’re used to a nice, well run, pleasant, clean dispensary, scoring on the street can be a somewhat bizarre task (the 60’s are gone/over).

      So, off to a beach. I found a “soul” and asked where I might procure some pot. I was told to climb the rocks at the end of the beach where I would discover a smaller beach on the other side of the rocks…of course, it was a nude beach. So now, trying to be a cool as a middle aged person, I literally HAD to walk up to a nice young, nude man “vaping” and as ask him if I could buy some of his “pot”…he wasn’t a dealer; the regular dealer wasn’t there that day. However, he saved the day explaining that he was leaving that evening to go back to Seattle and gave me a fresh vape he did not want to take back on the plane. I offered him $$ but he wouldn’t take it; the tradition of “sharing” still exist!

      I wouldn’t diss any dispensary calling them “degenerate legal criminals” because they aren’t; if I weren’t for them, I’d be taking more pills than I rather not discuss or consider and would never have the quality of life that I currently have using weed as medicine. And secondly, I doubt you have the guts/balls/chutzpah to go to a nude beach and score pot! So, the answer is, NO, you don’t get an article on how to score in non-legal states…not for name-calling and general ass-holery toward state run dispensaries.

      I will be in Seattle this summer and ever run into my new friend, I shall “tip him” a fresh vape to repay his generous kindness…his mama raised him right!

  • My 420 Tours

    Take a tour! If you’re in Denver, you can maximize the dispensary experience by checking out the grow beforehand and learning a lot about what you’re about to buy. Plus you’re transported on a 420-friendly party bus where consumption is both allowed and encouraged. Great for first-timers in a rec-legal state!

    • Scooter Bell

      Does Denver have smoke sites outside of the party bus system? It would be like a beer/brewery sample site…

      • My 420 Tours

        Unfortunately, Denver hasn’t gotten there yet. We had a dispensary “tasting” bill on the table last year but it failed, so there are still few good alternatives to smoking on private property. We’re working on it tho!

    • Sally Knoll

      sounds awesome

  • Marty Brim

    I have a medical ganja card in Arizona. Do CA and AZ have reciprocity? Is medical cheaper and/or is it
    more potent in CA? Comments are appreciated… thanks

    • 360dunk

      No reciprocity in Arizona….it’s legal for card-holding visitors to possess cannabis but not to enter a dispensary. California sells to everyone over 21 so you don’t need a card there. Nevada honors every state’s medical patients and is 10% cheaper because it’s taxed at a lower rate but anyone can buy there too.

      • Talira K.

        Are you in NV? (love your slot machine pic!) What’s your take on our pricing situation?

        • 360dunk

          Yes, and thanks. I’ve found that Las Vegas prices are similar to most other places, with perhaps Colorado being an exception due to larger inventories. So a typical eighth of flower would be in the $35-$55 range, depending on the strain.

          In Denver last 4/20, there were $80 half ounce deals to be found but they have more outdoor grows and far less testing procedures. I found some pretty shady ingredients, including pesticides, in some of their edibles. Nevada has probably the most stringently tested weed in the country, which is a good thing.

          • Talira K.

            Interesting! It’s hard to shop around when Nye County only has 1 dispensary for a vast area! Here it goes for $200 per 1/2 oz. or $17-$20++ per gram!! When do you think this might change? Thanks for the info!!

          • 360dunk

            I’d say either pay the extra to support your local dispensary or make the hour or so drive to LV now and then to stock up.

  • Donna Moorhouse

    Once cannabis is legal in Canada, will US citizens be able to buy from dispensaries? What ID will be accepted?

  • HollywoodSwangs

    Please write an article on where they can use it? Seems easy to buy it but impossible if a tourist needs to use legally!

  • Gina

    Unfortunately I live in a state it’s not legal and I’m very much interested in purchasing. I’m a cancer patient and I’m fed up with taking chemo for 5 yrs and no improvement. However I’m ignorant to all cannabis except that I need to look into indica strain (if that’s even a strain) I have also just learned of Rick Simpson oil and I don’t have a clue where to start and relocating is financially out of the question. Please any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

    • Lynda Delucas

      Which state do you live in?

    • Jamie

      Hello gina, it might be harder to get rick simpson oil in a state where it is illegal. It requires alot of cannabis to make but there are a few methods you might be able to gain from. In places where weed is illegal generally you can find Hash easier than weed because its easier to be smuggled. To make it the equation is about 40-90% returns of hash oil rather than if you make it with weed ”buds” which would be around 10-25 (with 25% being the highest with professional equipment…). Also cooking with hash is very easy and in alot of edibles it just requires you to throw it in (i just throw some into my coffee sometimes…) The ”strain” you were looking for Indica is actually the type of plant and it is used medically for bodily ache generally and sleep, if you buy it on the black market it might be hard to differentiate the two types Indica and sativa. With hash the difference between indica and sativa might be less noticable as it contains both high cbd and thc which is favorable when making oil for medical use. Whenever i visit a different country and i am looking for weed generally i walk up to people who look like they smoke weed (white guys with dreadlocks always have good luck). Also you might want to look into Charlottes web, its a cbd product and people claim to have really good results from it and it is legal in most states. I like to call cbd a body stabilizer and it works well with cramps but it might not be strong enough. Hash probably is your best bet as it is collected weed pollen so if you buy 1 gram of hash it might be equal to 5 grams of bud in thc and the reason it is cheaper is because cbd also works as a counteractive for the thc so people dont get as high off it as from general bud. Weed generally has around 10-25% thc with 0.1-0.5 cbd and hash could have around 30-55% thc and 5-10% cbd.
      If you manage to get around 2 grams of hash somehow you will manage to make a fine rick simpson oil.

      I hope this helps just a bit. Sorry for the sketchy writing 🙂

  • Jeorge
    • Susie N Nick Nichols

      What is the situation in Wa State? Can visitors purchase medicinal products? (CBD OIL/THC OIL) ?
      If so.. where is it available?

      • Fun Please

        Wa State flooded cheap legal weed.
        Call the state licensing liquor agency or find a place where you are going to visit, and call yourself.

  • Bill Landreth

    I do tip personally; by the spirit of the law, anyway, the tips should be for the dispensary as a whole and all the employed should also be members…
    They always do give the impression that they are not users of the products and can be depended on to suggest the most powerful neem oil they have.
    Which brings me to the next point that it really might not add up to much but it only costs that much more.
    They never do anything differently because you tipped a five last time…

    I can buy trim and leaf called “shake” but getting some buds steeped in neem oil picked out of some shake IS the best and only service you can get!
    Tipping seems right even though I am actually under the poverty lines but suggesting you get something for it just seems ridiculous…I do think I can tell “Beth” is a budtender probably like many workers might be working a bit too cheaply…

  • Colin Yapp

    ***** Warning *****, if you are not a US CITIZEN, you risk losing your immigration status by purchasing from dispensaries. US citizens are governed by state and federal laws, immigrants fall under the DOJ. They will revoke your immigration status when they discover that you have possessed a substance that is still illegal under federal guidelines.

  • Jason Fischer

    Honestly i tip and leave change everywhere i go, people remember me and im very much respected. The dispensaries i deal with are fantastic in detroit. From the budtender heating up the nail for the dab special of the day, or changing the mouth pieces on the oil cartridge samplers. The whole thing goes back to the way you were raised. Treat people the way you wish to be treated. “Keep the change you filthy animal.”

  • Mark Schatzky

    Come to Canada… Exchange rate is 40% so one u$d is 1.40 cdn$.. Canada will be recreational in a month.. We’ve been medical longer.
    So many online dispensaries.. I’m excited for it to be a federal system…. Canadians love their pot… Especially in bc.. Many strains came from that Pacific northwest… One in particular…. God bud.. Mannnnnnnyyyyy more…… Sometimes I accidentally look at us websites… Right w
    Away . Quality isn’t there. For concentrates. Or flower… It’s rare…. Here it’s already dirt cheap.. Before legalization.. 99/oz is the rate for the best.. Big buds… Etc. Distillate is 40$, good shatter 25, pho live resin 45/g. All connesseur Full melt bubble hash…. Like sand that melts into a beautiful amber oil… For 15/g… Other hashes 4-10$…… All Canadian $.

  • Plumeria Dee

    I am a good tipper. Because of that, I tend to get discounts that offset the new, higher CA taxes. One place I work with is delivery only, and that driver, in our traffic deserves a tip, too.

    Young people need to learn that better long term service comes to those of us who tip and are kind to those with whom we do business. Called relationships. So you go ahead, don’t tip. My weed is costing me less than yours, even when I tip.

  • bon69

    Living in Texas and reading all these comments makes me jealous. You guys are blessed to have choices. Here when I need some, there are two choices ‘buy what he has or not’ oh and flower, only option.

  • Chase wilson

    Can I travel to a recreational use state, the closest one being D.C., and purchase some for personal, without having an in-state ID? Right now its only medical use in my state.

  • Francisco López Mengíbar

    Does anyone know if you can buy weed in a medical state if you’re foreign?