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How to Corner Your Bowl of Cannabis

August 17, 2017
How to Corner Your Bowl(Sakkawokkie/iStock)
Good cannabis isn’t hard to come by in legal states, but if you don’t want to burn through both your wallet and all your good bud, you’re probably interested in ways to stretch your stash between dispensary visits. Thankfully, there’s an essential technique that can help conserve and extend your high-grade cannabis during a solo or group smoke session.

Cornering, or to corner a bowl, is when the consumer lights their lighter away from the bowl and brings it to the bowl’s side. Next, ease the flame over the lip of the bowl, slicing a piece (or corner) of the full circular bowl of cannabis. This technique is not hard to master and is a simple recalibration of using a lighter.


Need a Light? 4 Alternatives to Using a Lighter

Simply put, instead of lighting your lighter over the bowl and dispersing flint and uncombusted fuel into your cannabis, light it to the side. This will preserve your flavor in a big way and keep additional external chemicals to a minimum.

How to corner your bowl of cannabis

Instead of laying your flame directly on all your fresh greens, creep up next to your bowl and dip the flame over the side of your bowl piece. Try to burn a dot at the edge of the bowl. The ideal scenario from this point, particularly while sharing a bowl with others, is that the cherry stays lit and the need to reintroduce a lighter is removed. (A “cherry,” for those of you who are not familiar with the terminology, is when the embers of your bowl of cannabis stay lit and can be easy stoked with a drag off the pipe from the next person in the rotation. The embers glow red like a cherry, and continue to cook the cannabis throughout the bowl.)


How to pack and smoke a bowl of cannabis

This technique works with most, if not all, flower bowl pieces. Keep in mind that it might not be that useful if your bowl is small enough for you to rip it in a single hit. However, these small, incremental adjustments to the way you consume cannabis can further your enjoyment of fine, flavorful herb, as well as stretch those greens just a little further.

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Jeremiah Wilhelm

Jeremiah Wilhelm is a former strain researcher at Leafly.

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  • mf2112

    Or just put in enough for a single hit and waste nothing…..

    • Right? The only time this done is when the pipe gets passed.

    • DizzyLizzy 2017

      Bong hit’s!

    • justadbeer

      Yup, the simplest solutions are usually the best

    • Charlie Miller

      I have a one hitter just so I can do that.

  • Rob Stevens

    waste not want not, don’t be like the alcoholics and nicotine fiends driving drunks and littering butts everywhere!

    • Kenny Hotz

      Yeah, no one drive while high…

  • David Schneider

    Cornering tutorials for noobs on the interwebz in 2017… what a time to be alive!

    • Charlie Miller

      How to roll a joint on here too. Too funny.

  • LanceJZ

    Or instead use a quality pipe lighter that uses an electronic starter and torches. You know something every pipe smokers knows since forever. Then after your hit with ground weed, use something to cap the pipe (Assuming you are not using some silly shaped pipe.), to put it out instantly. One hit, high as a kite. Wow really. This is the best you could think of.

  • Mr. Lucas Brice

    This is silly. Just put the bud in and smoke the damn thing.

  • MasterKen

    I watched a video the other day and the person was lighting his pipe with what looked like a fuse however it burned very slowly once lit and stayed lit till he put it down. What the heck was this? It looked like thick thread and was multicolored like yarn but more compact and thick.

    • That sounds like a hemp wick. You use the hemp “string” to light instead of a lighter so you don’t smoke lighter fluid. Can usually be found at any smoke shop.

      • MasterKen

        Thanks. BTW I have another question which has not been replied to.
        I have made edibles several times but about 1/2 of the time the candy changes from a soft tootsie roll consistency to being rock hard. Any idea why and any idea how to fix them?

        • Amy Huber Fees

          Possibly add some food grade glycerine to restore the softness /or prevent the hardness. You can find it in the baking aisle at the grocery store, near the icing supplies.

  • MasterKen

    Rock Hard Tootsie rolls; I am at wits end. Made edibles from the fruit flavored candy that looks like a tootsie roll, same consistency. Made budder and did decarboxylation to them, cooled, then wrapped in the wrappers that came with the candy but after a few minutes they get rock hard! I can nuke them for 5 to 10 seconds in microwave and it softens them up but then you have to chew them for around ten minutes before you can swallow and they taste nasty. How do I get them soft again? We have tried with an ounce and 1/2 ounce and 1/4 ounce of good weed and also with hash but they always get rock hard. Please advise

    • MasterKen

      Still after 8 days NO ANSWERS? Come on all you experts. PLEASE

    • Christie Horsfall Bergey

      You have a cooking problem. I am a chef and can help. Get a candy making thermometer. You are cooking the candy too long and it becomes harder the longer and higher temp you use. When your sugar is bubbling away you need to maintain “soft ball” temperature (listed on your thermometer). It may take a few tries, candy making can be difficult. There are a lot of variables to get just right.

  • Brad Trimas

    Buy the joints instead of 5 grams of flower. Go to the grocery store and buy a glass container with the top (balls, etc..) Hit the joint 2x and drop in the glass container and put the lid on and tighten. Boom Joint stops burning in seconds and is easy to light for tommorow.