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Chatting With Chef Dave Hadley: Chopped Winner and Cannabis Connoisseur

We chatted with Chopped winner Dave Hadley, the first cannabis chef featured on the show, about cannabis advocacy and the burgeoning Colorado culinary scene.

How to Make DIY Cannabis-Infused Lube

The idea of DIY cannabis-infused topicals might seem too complicated to attempt at home, but anyone can follow this easy recipe for two-ingredient cannabis lube.

Check Out These Gorgeous Photos of 5 Real Cannabis Weddings

More couples than ever are choosing to celebrate their special day with cannabis at the ceremony or celebrations. Check out how these five couples did it.

Carnival Sweet Potato Fries with Cannabutter Recipe

Learn how to make sweet potato fries, the most popular form of sweet potato in North America, along with a sweet, cannabis-infused dipping sauce.

What Is Bhang? A History Lesson and a Recipe

Learn about “bhang,” an edible cannabis preparation that has become an integral part of Indian culture after being in use for thousands of years.

Need an Escape This 4/20? Enter for a Chance to Win a Flyaway to Aspen Canyon Ranch!

Make this 4/20 a true adventure! You and three friends could be soaking up nature’s best at Aspen Canyon Ranch in Colorado by entering in our #420sweepstakes.

What’s the Best Potato Chip and Strain Flavor Pairing? We Held a Tournament to Find Out

Eight contenders enter the arena but only one will emerge victorious, stepping out from a dusty cloud of chip crumbs and cannabis shake to hoist the championship belt.

This Kickstarter Campaign Wants to Build a Cannabis Island Paradise

Want to make the dream of a cannabis paradise a reality? Look no further than "Ganjaland."

What Does the Future Hold for Cannabis Coffeeshops?

By banning public use, states may be missing an opportunity to promote responsible behavior while hindering cannabis-related tourism.

The Problems Plaguing Cannabis Coffeeshops

The evolution of Dutch coffeeshops has led to the paradox that while cannabis sales are legal, coffeeshops are still supplied via an illegal production system.

How Are ‘Coffeeshops’ Different From ‘Coffee Shops’?

What's the difference between coffeeshops and coffee houses, and how does the Dutch government properly regulate these cannabis-friendly establishments?

The History of Dutch Cannabis Coffeeshops

Explore how Amsterdam's famous cannabis coffeeshops emerged in the Netherlands and the various changes they have undergone over time.

Pie Strains for Your Pie Day Brains

The mathematical concept of Pi pervades our world—and on 3.14 each year, nothing's more satisfying with celebrating Pi's homonym with pies and pie strains.

Safety Tips for Cooking While High

It’s important to take precautions when under the influence of cannabis in the kitchen. Follow these five safety tips for cooking after consuming.

These Are the Best 420-Friendly Hotels in the World

We sifted through hundreds of options to find the top cannabis accommodations in the world, with perks from complimentary flower to in-room vapes.

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