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Tips for Growing Durban Poison Cannabis

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Strain Overview: Durban Poison is a South African landrace sativa strain that offers a focused and motivating high. Its flavor profile is sweet, earthy, and sharp with spice. With effects that are cerebral and energizing, this strain can stand in for a cup of coffee before a day of chores or creative projects.

Grow Techniques: Growing outside in soil will allow this sativa to take off and grow toward the sky. Watch for its large stretches during flowering that will require ample trellising to support the buds. Prune aggressively, sending the energy outwards to the bud sites that will receive the most sunlight.

Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks

Yield: Moderate

Grow Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Climate: Can withstand a variety of climates, but thrives between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor/Outdoor: With lifespans spent in both Northern and Southern hemispheres, Durban Poison has become resilient to all types of weather. This sativa is a great strain for outdoor gardens where she can stretch tall, whether the climate is warm or cold.

Feeding: With sativas, you can generally go lighter on the feeding. Watch for nitrogen burn and flush your soils if you see any issues. Silica can help strengthen the tall lanky plant as well.