Spider Farmer’s new line of LED lights offer an impressive ROI for high yield grows

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Presented BySpider FarmerPublished on January 31, 2022 · Last updated July 13, 2022
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The industry leader’s lights are better than ever—and still at an unbeatable price.

If you’re a cannabis cultivator, you’ve probably already been sold on LED lights: They’re easier and less expensive to operate without giving off excess heat. But whether you’ve been using LED for years or you’re finally just taking the plunge away from sodium lamps, a top-of-the-line upgrade may already be in reach.

Spider Farmer has skyrocketed to become one of the highest-quality lighting brands, and their official partnership with Samsung brings years of unparalleled quality to the table. Innovating at lightning speed, the company has brought some serious workhorse lights to the table, including the upgraded, infinitely-scalable SE7000 730-Watt Grow Light for Vertical Farming. Depending on what kind of growing you’re doing, each light can cover up to 25 square feet (4’x4′ for commercial growing & 5’x5′ with a grow tent) of your crop at an unbeatable price: under $800. For an even more powerful light, the Spider Farmer SE1000W Grow Light offers the same quality and versatility with an even more powerful output at just over $1,000.

LED grow lights
Courtesy of Spider Farmer

These lights, suitable for stacked growing racks, are the newest options in Spider Farmer’s lineup of high-efficiency, full spectrum grow lights. They offer the best ROI in the business for high yields. Here’s why.

Real Samsung, not a cheap knockoff

As an official partner of Samsung, Spider Farmer uses authentic LM301B diodes. Some bargain brands are using counterfeit lights, but it’s easy to tell the difference! The easiest way is to check Samsung’s list of LED partners, including Spider Farmer, on their website. Another common tell is found by taking a close look at the diodes; if it’s a real Samsung, the gold wires won’t be visible.

LED grow lights are more affordable than ever for cannabis cultivators

The light that grows with you

Hoping to scale soon? Switching from just a couple of Spider Farmer SE7000 lights in a grow tent to a whole greenhouse full is a snap, especially since the light is designed to stack. Whether you’re adding another tier to a rack or expanding your whole operation, the lights easily daisy-chain together so you can adjust the brightness settings of up to 15 lights at a time. When your plants move through growth phases, there’s no need to adjust every light individually with the Spider Farmer LED Grow Light Controller—so you can spend more time tending to your crop and less time fiddling with knobs.

LED grow lights
Courtesy of Spider Farmer

Adjustable bars maximize your space

If you’re working with a smaller-space operation, you need light to reach each and every corner. Spider Farmer’s unique extended light bar design evenly distributes light from Samsung LM301B diodes, with nothing in the way that could darken the corners. Every part of your plant, especially the hard-to-reach bushy parts, deserves light that will help them thrive! If the bars don’t quite fit your layout, they attach to the frame with a wing nut so you can adjust each one. Some assembly is required, but more control is the result.

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To make the setup even more versatile, each driver is fully detachable, so you can mount it away from the rack for ease of use and even heat. 

Powerful, full spectrum light

LED grow lights
Courtesy of Spider Farmer

Spider Farmer’s light spectrum is more nourishing than ever, with blue light for germination, rich red light for bushy growth, and warm white light for fuller blooms. This lighting mix ensures healthy growth in every stage for booming harvests and high-quality herb, and the SE7000 produces a hearty meal for your plants with a robust, uniform output of around 1,000 to 1,500 PPFD, a measure of how much beneficial light is reaching your plants. One tester put the light over several PAR meters and got to more than 1,000 PPFD in just a few seconds with the tent door still open.

Spider Farmer’s SE1000W light has all the same benefits as the SE7000—but uses a full 1,000 watts for a whopping 1,200 to 1,800 PPFD.

No outsourcing means more savings

Courtesy of Spider Farmer

Spider Farmer is a company that manufactures its own products and sells directly to customers around the world, rather than outsourcing production & distribution. By distributing smarter, the company’s able to cut costs significantly, which helps keep prices lower than its competitors. It’s not a cheap light—just an inexpensive one.

Ready for your upgrade? Explore Spider Farmer’s SE line to find the right rig for you.

Spider Farmer
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