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The Daily Dose: California Welcomes Hemp Farming, Cannabis is the New Chemo, and Iowa's Governor is a Big 'Ol Buzzkill

By Rebecca Kelley — 9/30/2013

September has just about ended, folks, meaning we're inching closer to November elections, draft rules, and more exciting cannabis industry news. Here's your Daily Dose for September 30, 2013.

New England News for All Youz Chowdaheads

  • Maine: come for the medical cannabis, stay for the job growth! Licensed caregivers in the state have grown to 600, a figure that will grow even more after new rules go into effect tomorrow.
  • Vermont's "marijuana eradicaton program" has declined steadily over the past few years. Residents are all, "Less funding towards cannabis crackdown and more funding towards delicious maple syrup." 
  • Today, the Massachusetts Cannabis Knowledge Forum held a day-long course teaching people about the basics of the medical marijuana industry. The goal of the course was to "provide an educational base that provides credibility and training for people who want to enter the industry." What an awesome idea -- these educational series should spread across the country so people can learn about cannabis in a serious and practical setting.
  • Medical professionals in Massachusetts are concerned about "untrained entrepreneurs" who are creating Internet companies that promise to match prospective medical cannabis patients with doctors who can provide certifications. They worry that a lot of these companies are run by "entrepreneurs with no medical background." I'm guessing they want to see fewer Dr. Nicks and more Dr. Hibberts (with or without the hearty chuckle).

News Down in Cali, Cali

News from the Midwest

Hope you survived your Monday. See you in October!