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What Are the Benefits of a Medical Cannabis Card in Legal States?

May 1, 2018

What Are the Benefits of Having a Medical Cannabis Card in a Legal State?

As states across the nation begin to fully legalize adult-use cannabis, many may be wondering what this means for the medical cannabis dispensaries and card holders. What does it mean to be a medical cannabis patient in a world where anyone can walk into a recreational dispensary, present their state ID, and legally purchase cannabis?

Is the hassle of visiting a doctor for a medical card still worth it? Are there any real benefits?


What Is a Medical Marijuana Card?

The answer is yes—there are many real benefits for medical cannabis card holders. From dosage to access and affordability, patients will find plenty of support for their ongoing care on the medical side of cannabis legality.

Lower Costs & Taxes

A major benefit offered by many states’ medical dispensaries is lower cost for patients, which is extremely important for people who rely on cannabis for medical issues. Imagine needing life-improving medication, but not having it covered by your insurance—that is the reality of medical cannabis patients all over the country.

Now imagine your medicine was also highly taxed and thus very expensive since it also doubled as a recreational joy for many people—that would be the reality of patients if they only had access to recreational dispensaries.


Why Buy at the Dispensary When You Can Grow Cannabis at Home for Cheaper?

Medical cannabis dispensaries allow concessions for patients that recreational shops do not. An example of this can be seen in Colorado, where medical cannabis patients avoid the 10% retail marijuana tax and 15% excise tax that recreational dispensary costumers must pay.

Medical cards allow patients to have access to their medicine for lower cost, making their healthcare more affordable and accessible.


States That Offer Tax Breaks for MMJ Patients:States With No Tax on MMJ
CaliforniaWashington D.C.
ColoradoNew Hampshire
MaineNew Mexico
Massachussetts North Dakota
OregonWest Virginia

Higher Potency Limits

Dosage is extremely important when it comes to medical cannabis, and many patients need access to high-strength cannabis to alleviate symptoms. However, while recreational shops may have to abide by potency limits, medical dispensaries sometimes have more leeway.

For example, in California, recreational dispensaries are limited to 1,000mg of cannabinoids per package of tinctures or lotions. Medical dispensaries however, have a much higher threshold, and are legally permitted to sell tinctures or lotions with up to 2,000mg.


What are the strongest cannabis strains?

These potency limits vary from state to state. Colorado, California, Oregon, and Nevada all allow higher potency for MMJ patients in varying degrees of potency.

Washington State law restricts recreational edibles to 10mg per serving, however some dispensaries offer 25mg edibles for medical patients.

Alaska, meanwhile, does not have medical dispensaries despite having a medical program. Patients access cannabis from recreational dispensaries, and currently, there are no options for higher potency products for patients.

Cannabis Patients Under Age 21

Recreational shops are permitted to sell cannabis to anyone who is over the age of 21. While this makes sense for the general populous, children who are also cannabis patients wouldn’t have access. Some medical cards allow those who are age 20 and under to legally access the cannabis medicine they need for their healthcare when treating cancer, epilepsy, or other ailments. Drawing a distinction between medical and recreational cannabis is also important in reducing stigmatization of pediatric patients.


Reviving Bruno: A Day in the Life of a 5-Year-Old Florida Cannabis Patient

All 29 states with medical cannabis programs currently have laws allowing minors to access medical cannabis with the assistance of a caregiver. The form of cannabis (oils, edibles, etc), cannabinoids permitted (THC, CBD, etc.), and potency limits vary state-to-state.


States That Allow MMJ Cards for Minors
AlaskaMaineNew York
Arkansas MassachussettsOregon
ColoradoMinnesotaRhode Island
Connecticut MontanaVermont
FloridaNew HampshireWashington D.C.
HawaiiNew Jersey
IllinoisNew Mexico

Grow What You Need

While not every medical state allows patients to grow their own medicine, many do. And the amount that one can grow is often higher for medical patients than it is for recreational consumers. In fact, the majority of states with both recreational and medical cannabis laws allow at least some wiggle room for patients to grow additional cannabis as needed.


Home Cannabis Cultivation and Possession Laws: A State-by-State Guide

For example, in Oregon, recreational growers are permitted up to four plants, while medical growers are permitted six plants. This is important for patients, who unlike recreational consumers, are dependent on the plant for their wellbeing and can better offset dispensary costs with their own homegrown supply.

Recreational legalization will continue to grow, often in states that have already eased into legalization with medical programs. As this progress continues, it is important not to brush the medical programs aside or forget about the patients who depend on cannabis as an integral part of their health.

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Rae Lland

Rae Lland is a freelance writer, journalist, and former editor for Weedist and The Leaf Online. With a focus on culture, music, health, and wellness, in addition to her work for Leafly, she has also been featured in numerous online cannabis publications as well as print editions of Cannabis Now Magazine. Follow her on Instagram @rae.lland

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  • les

    How about the downside, like now being in a police database? Or being discriminated against by landlords? etc no story is complete or accurate that only paints a rosy picture!

    • 360dunk

      C’mon, really? There are 30 million….yes, 30 MILLION Americans who smoke the herb. Do you really think some useless police database is going to amount to anything? This is not a McCarthy-era commission singling out some Communists who might be a national security threat….this is well over 10% of the entire adult population. What are they going to do, build prisons for 30 million?

      • Lee

        The for profit prison companies will gladly build those prisons. I believe our Education Secretary and a few Congress members have pushed these for profit prisons, of course for their own profits. Thank god though that places like SF are seeing the light and overturning Marijuana convictions.

    • Jennifer Alexandria

      We can legally grow up to 12 plants here but good luck getting a landlord or apt complex to approve that! This is the problem with the FED gov. Its interesting to be around so many people anti cannabis yet they voted for this. It seems very unorganized so far in Colorado and I have honestly had enough of the people here. People still look down on you working in the industry, which I do not care, but its like no respect. We are working hard and paying taxes but still treated like we are criminals. People need to be more educated.

      Also, I don’t believe that we are allowed to go over a certain THC % with rec vs med. We don’t even grow med anymore as there is more money in rec weed. Our tax is high, over 34% for rec and like 8% for med. I can barely afford to smoke much AND Boulder just banned any dispensary from giving workers samples of the batches THAT I HARVEST!!! Boulder,Colorado is ran by a bunch of Nazis. Im getting out ASAP. Everything about this place sucks. Thankgoodness I am moving to Oregon.

    • 143jeanne

      My manager of the mobilehome park I live in let 2 pedophiles buy homes. You think they are looking for cannabis
      users?And I bought a gun with no problem.

  • Benjamin Rollins

    I deliver medical cannabis products to patients all over central Florida.. its amazing to deliver to someone for the first time who’s bedridden…. and within months you show up and they’re out doing lawn work.. It makes my day everday

  • Jennifer Alexandra

    I work as 1/3 managers in a grow. This article is awesome, BUT!!!! As another commenter has mentioned being in a police data base. Also if your a Colorado resident and have a card, YOU CANNOT PURCHASE FIREARMS AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A CARD. This is the main defector for myself getting a card. I do not see much diff in how high I get over Med and Rec. I prefer cbd dom strains if Im in pain or pure CBD. I was already fingerprinted for working in the industry. Im NOT losing my rights to get a card to get high. Had I been dealing with a deathly disease I still would NOT get a med card. The only benefit I see from it is tax breaks. But why would I buy somewhere when I can grow my own?

    Great article Leafly! Glad we can add to them by posting!!

    • briteleaf

      Hope you and your gun will be happy and healthy. Ridiculous….

      • Jennifer Alexandria

        I always am 🙂 as a victim of sexual violence I feel very safe having access to a firearm. Sorry you cannot keep your feelings in check! And FYI most of the people I work with have guns also! Oh my!!! Call the press!!!

        If you don’t want your buds ran through a machine grow your own or grow the fuck up!

    • Joshua Jason Molloy

      There is a way around the whole not allowed to purchase and/or have a firearm registered in your name if you have a MMJ card. Have one’s wife/husband, family member, etc. buy and register it in there name (if person has gun rights). I haven’t found anything against accompanying someone going shooting and firing off a few rounds. Now I could be mistaken, I’m not perfect so please post the link with that law before the negative comments (if I’m wrong). That way I can go read it & any thing else I might be missing.

  • punkleruckus

    • I live in CA, and have had a medical cannabis card for about 10 years, prior to March of this year. I don’t really care about the whole police database thing, since the NSA and FBI have already got all our info to dispense to any law enforcement that asks. But, I do care about the fact that it is being sold as some great benefit. It’s garbage. Especially out here. This article doesn’t mention that since recreational became legal, potency has been cut almost in HALF for most edibles, prices have doubled, and the amount of clubs and businesses that you can buy from have dropped off by 2/3 in the Bay Area. Big business has pushed out all of it’s smaller competition under the guise of “creating a better, more responsible” cannabis market. Leafly, now hailed by some as the “Yelp of weed”, has been a huge part of this corporate takeover of the cannabis market. The same people who year after year, supported the incarceration and continued ban on legal pot are now reaping HUGE profits, with the intention to further dominate the market in the future. Cannabis has been the core part of a subculture that has existed all over the world for the entirety of it’s prohibition. The knowledge to produce such high potency in plants, grow vast sums of it, and make many types of concentrates- ALL came from those people who risked their freedom and reputations to do the research and development. Now all these corporate backed douchebags want to come in and steal the whole market away from the people who built it, and Youtube is helping to censor and delete all the even remotely politicized cannabis channels that might call them out on their underhanded B.S.. In states like Colorado and Washington, quality is not the priority, profit is. Most pot is no longer dried and cured as it should be, instead they dehydrate it and use different gasses to “keep it fresh”. If you have ever been to other states that have legal pot, test it for yourself. It’s dry as hell, and burns up faster than tissue paper.
    My solution has been to disengage completely from the whole industry and go back to the black market. Despite the lies in this and MANY other articles on this site and others, the black market has FAR more integrity than the current legal one. I also grow my own. The best feeling you can have is enjoying the fruits (and flowers) of your own labor. The only part of the cannabis market left with any real integrity (in my opinion) is the seed market. You can still buy seeds from original growers and breeders who actually did the work to develop those strains we all love so much.

    • 360dunk

      I don’t have a problem at all with dry weed in Nevada…I prefer it to damp stuff anyway because it weighs less and burns easier. As for your desire to return to the black market, that hurts the cannabis industry. Yes, we pay taxes but that goes right back to the community, not to some foreign drug cartel. Plus no black market weed is tested for molds and pesticides. Not to mention, those cannabis dispensary proprietors who stuck their necks out and took all the risks during uncertain times should be rewarded with our business…..not some high ranking members of the Zeta cartel. People, support your local dispensary!

      • Ben Hanke

        360dunk, you are wrong on several fronts…if by black market, they mean local California growers, they are still supporting key people in the cannabis industry. Also, quite a few black market growers do test their products for contaminants and even potency. Don’t act like the only choice is between “good” legal weed sold in dispensaries and Mexican cartel weed. There are still plenty of conscientious black market growers.

        • 360dunk

          Actually Ben, your take is delusional. First off this is about the U.S., not California. Secondly, there are tons of weed in California, grown and sold by cartels. According to USA Today: “The cartel is growing their marijuana in California because the risk is minimal,” said Paul Bennett, a lieutenant with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in California. “We have immediately seen and began to experience an increase in these large-scale plantations where 10,000, 25,000 plants are just growing in the open on public lands.”

          Hey Ben, all that marijuana which is still being smuggled into the U.S…..betcha not one ounce of that is tested for pesticides.

          And by claiming ‘quite a few black market growers’ test their product for molds, what you’re doing is guessing. There is no evidence that this happens with regularity and I defy you to prove otherwise. C’mon, seriously? You really believe any significant amount of black market weed is tested before being packaged? And finally, what are those ‘conscientious growers’ you speak of contributing to society? Their profits are going directly into their pockets and they pay no taxes whatsoever. Let’s not pretend they are doing this for anyone other than themselves in today’s climate where a citizen can buy weed in a store.

          From Wikileaf: In 2011, a Michigan laboratory found that marijuana sold on the streets of Detroit, Gaylord, and Traverse Cities contained mold, dirt, insect droppings, and 60 percent more pesticide than FDA regulations allow for spinach bought in stores. The black market doesn’t prioritize public health the way it prioritizes money, so there is little incentive for dealers to test their cannabis.

          Now…..WHO is wrong on several fronts?

          • warcoming

            360Dunk and Ben sounds like they needs to smoke something and calm the F down.

          • 360dunk

            I actually smoke every night and am always calm. But when someone makes crazy statements, I rebuke them instead of agreeing. His claim about growers testing their products for contaminants is absurd and I told him so. Nothing more, nothing less.

        • 360dunk

          From USA Today: ‘In 2011, a Michigan laboratory found that marijuana sold on the streets of Detroit, Gaylord, and Traverse Cities contained mold, dirt, insect droppings, and 60 percent more pesticide than FDA regulations allow for spinach bought in stores. The black market doesn’t prioritize public health the way it prioritizes money, so there is little incentive for dealers to test their cannabis.’

          Ben, your claim that ‘quite a few black market growers do test their products’ is far-fetched and laughable. I’m sure they’re not sending their finished product to a testing lab before distribution. How absurd a notion that is.

        • 360dunk

          From USA Today: ‘In 2011, a Michigan laboratory found that marijuana sold on the streets of Detroit, Gaylord, and Traverse Cities contained mold, dirt, insect waste, and 60 percent more pesticide than FDA regulations allow for spinach bought in stores. The black market doesn’t prioritize public health the way it prioritizes money, so there is little incentive for dealers to test their cannabis.’

          Ben, your claim that ‘quite a few black market growers do test their products’ is far-fetched and laughable. I’m sure they’re not sending their finished product to a testing lab before distribution. How absurd a notion that is.

        • 360dunk

          No black market sellers take their product to a lab to have it tested before distributing it….NONE.

          You are blurting out a ridiculous assumption, which I’m sure nobody is buying.

      • punkleruckus

        Maybe it’s because you live in a state where the climate makes it hard to grow pot in great abundance, but when I say “black market”, I mean growers that I have known for YEARS and trust to grow excellent flower. All that BS propaganda you have regurgitated about supporting terrorists is flimsy lies. I support my local economy by buying local, if I have to buy at all. Those “cannabis proprietors you speak so highly of have only served (out here, anyway) themselves and their pocketbooks, as per business standard in the world today. Those douchebags have the audacity to take a flower (that once grew wild, mind you) and charge in some cases upwards of $400 an ounce, when they paid maybe $75-$100/oz to the grower who they bought it from. They seem more like the “cartels” you speak of than the people deserving of my business, respect, or accolades.

        • 360dunk

          Your blinders are on, punkleruckus, if you think that black market purchases in general don’t benefit foreign drug cartels. Where do you think the TONS of pot they smuggle in end up?

          Keep avoiding taxes if you must…..I’m willing to pay a bit extra to insure it’s tested weed I’m smoking and to help the industry thrive. Those brave proprietors who took such a risk in the dispensary beginnings deserve my business. They deserve yours too, but…..

          • punkleruckus

            You sound like quite the good little cheerleader. And I am sure they will LOVE taking your money as well as hero worship to boost bother their egos and bottom line. As far as the “Tons of pot they smuggle in…” Maybe you didn’t READ the part where I said I KNOW the growers I buy from… In any case I don’t have any delusions about those “brave proprietors” and their intentions to make themselves rich. And feel free to pay all the taxes you can on your meds. You sound like you should start your own fan club for those club owners.

          • 360dunk

            You’re guilty of assuming black market weed in general is from local growers since that’s where you get yours but once those blinders are removed, you’ll see that this extends far beyond your little world. Did you think that all the pounds of pot in NYC, for example, were grown on Manhattan balconies?

            Yes, I may be guilty of cheerleading for the legal cannabis industry, but that’s because I’ve lived my life avoiding incarceration for this amazing plant and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your naivete is forgiven though….doubtful that you’ve seen or experienced much in your teen years so far.

          • punkleruckus

            Nope. I’ve been part of the black market for the better part of the last 20+ years. (So much for your perception)
            Maybe black market pot in NY is from your supposed Boogeyman. Who knows? I don’t care to argue the intricacies of international, illegal drug trade with you. Suffice to say that importing shitty weed into CA, would be like importing ice to Alaska in winter. If you STILL don’t get it, I can’t help you. I’m over this conversation, and you don’t seem to have anything intelligent to add.

          • 360dunk

            Of course you’re done conversing. When someone doesn’t have the same opinion as you, you resort to childish comebacks and petty insults. Hope you’ve matured this past year.

      • ThunderCT

        I could not agree more with you. Except the Nevada dry weed part lol. So many people have put everything on the line to advance the acceptance of the miracle plant that has been so demonized over the last 90 years. To return to the black market is a huge step backwards. Is the system perfect now? Not even close but takes all of us together to push forward. If you want change then do something productive about it. It has been close to 90 years since Cannabis has been taken off the shelves. Its going to take time to make things right again. Stay patient, stay motivated, and lets keep beating them at there own game.

    • BAP

      Thanks for that. It all stands to reason considering the heatlthcare racketeers have done to medicine. I will continue with my Massachusettes MMJ cert. The potency and excelent quality of the products from medical dispenaries will remain the same. Cheeper too according to this article. I had heard that in Colorado recreational pot lowered prices. Sounds like that may not be true. They are ready for recreational weed here in the next few months. I’ll relate what I find out.

    • Terry McInnes

      Punkleruckus I agree whole heartedly with your post. The replies made to your post by others were not worthy of replying to. I live in Ohio. And I’m pissed. So I have to pay the state $50 and a doctor $300 a year to have the right to buy weed from a dispensary? I cannot smoke it. Cannot have more than they allow me. They wont even tell you what a 3 month supply is. Cant grow my own. They will print it on my license im a patient of medical MJ. Subjecting me to searches and interrogation. My card I had before was a seperate license only needing to be shown in case of a search! Bet your ass you will be searched everytime you get pulled over. The law is new still and cops are stupid about it still. Be prepared to be lied to. They will powerplay you! The whole medical MJ industry is a big fucking cash cow! You have to transport your medicine in a lock box that is bolted to your car in the trunk. Then you pay high taxes on weed at a dispensary that reports to the federal government. You must comply periodically with a hollistic doctor who isnt seen as a certified physician by the government. Meanwhile weed is still illegal on the federal level! So guess what? Youre a fucking idiot if you buy into their B.S. the dispensaries are paying dirt prices to growers in other states where its legal just to turn around and sell it higher than you can find it on the black market. They pay off companies who test their weed to give false potency readings. All the while they are pulling every dirty trick in the book to profit 2 times over on shitty weed. The good buds arent seen in the jars. Mostly popcorn buds. Ohio made private caregivers impossible. Only who they say can grow can grow. Monopoly? Yes. I dont know but it sounds like entrapment to me. Make a medicine people need only accessible to those who can afford to pay a fee to buy shitty weed with high taxes. Not let them grow their own and regulate how or what they can consume. All the people who buy the hype are going to regret it later. I watched it all go down in Colorado from start to present. People moved there and paid a lot of money to become legal caregivers and sell to both patients and dispensaries. Five years later. After they profited largely from the medical side. They made it recreational. The dispensaries started charging by the year just to let a person sell to their dispensary at round about $2500 a pound. All those growers and tourists who moved or visited there are finding it was all short lived and now is declining. Lots of brand new buildings raising rent around them soon to be empty. Their cash cow is on its last leg. People packed up shop and headed back home. I predict the same everywhere they make it legal in the states. Still dumbass people are lining up camping out front of the first dispensaries to open in ohio right this moment! Like black friday they just have no clue. Fox news reported the dispensaries stating the allowable quality levels and availability will be limited on the opening day. Ohio legalized medical MJ 2 years ago and is just now opening dispensaries! I say the black market is still the way to go. None of my hooks weed has killed me yet in 20 years of using. Cartels usually grow dirt weed full of seeds. Brick pack Mexican lol. Ill be damned if I jump through hoops just for it to become recreational. Making all the money I spent a loss. I dont have to pay for a license to be able to buy my pharmaceuticals. They made weed medically legal but put it in a seperate category as pharms. No insurance will cover any of the cost. Most people here are unaware of the B.S. they will face to keep that dumb license. Its only a matter of time before they start drug testing MJ patients on the regular. Further destroying our freedoms and privacy.

      • punkleruckus

        With the new farm bill signed and legal, hemp is now federally legal and in a separate class of agricultural product from thc containing cannabis. “Hemp” is now governed by the FDA, while cannabis is heavily governed by state neo-nazi programs. Problem is, nobody can tell the difference between the two just by looking at them. Which one is CBD only? Only your lab can tell you for sure. Reason being, hemp IS cannabis. They are the same thing. Just like some strains have lower thc than others, cbd is the same way. And strains that meet the required limitation of less than .3%thc could randomly spike thc concentration, depending upon the individual plant and the conditions it is in. As a result, “hemp” farmers can’t be prosecuted for thc that comes from “hemp”. Do ya see where I’m going with this?

    • angeldawn

      My biggest problem with the black market is that everyone clones these days. Nearly 90% of the weed I pay over 10 a gram for has been cloned and is extremely weak. I’ve been forced to pay extremely high taxes just to get weed that actually works which makes me sad.

      • punkleruckus

        Clone popularity is a product of legalization, and while useful to many growers for the purposes of keeping a specific genetic line going, I prefer (regular) seeds. After paying an initial setup cost to grow, I now pay less than a hundred dollars a year to grow my own. I averaged (last summer) 3lbs per plant. I was also able to get my flower tested, and it came back @21% THC. Most clubs and people are still relying on prohibition price structures for a now legal plant. When people start letting go of greed and start being honest about it, this plant will cost maybe a few dollars an ounce. Remember, it used to grow wild all over this country.

  • Dave Coker

    What’s the best % mix of CBD & THC to combat pain?

    • Ricco Rosario

      Blue Dream 1/1 is 13%THC, 13% CBD and BLUE DREAM 20/1 IS REALLY GOOD

    • 360dunk

      Try RSO 1:1…..when THC and CBD are blended at an even ratio, they react with each other beneficially as anti-inflammatories. It’s also been shown to combat cancerous cells.

      • Lee

        AndIcan swear that it really does work. And I always joke that the THC is the sugar that helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way. Watch Mary Poppins, coming soon to a theatre near you!, if you didn’t get the joke!

  • Lee

    I opted out of renewing my card because none of the hundreds of shops here in the Palm Springs, Cali area it did nothing for me. I have asked all of the shops I buy from and all of them said we are still charged the same outrageous taxes as everyone else. Ive had to cut back and go back to half of the day I take the opioids and then after the sun goes down I finally get the meds that really work. LMAO as I write this there is a article teaser box with the headline “Can High-CBD Cannibis Combat America’s Opioid Epidemic?” I can tell you the answer without reading the article. YES AND NO. Yes it will help cut Opioid use. I have Multiple Sclerosis and a broken back. The MS can be excruciating painful and if you’ve ever hurt your back imagine going through that for over 30yrs. Since I started using MM I cut my pill usage by over half if not more. But with the taxes, I just paid nearly $25 in taxes on a $70 purchase. Being on Disability I have to cut a lot of things just to be able to buy in the first place and I am or was elated that Pot is becoming legal for all but the states are just seeing a cash machine. So until the states and local govs cut back on the tax scam then the real answer is NO, Marijuana will not combat the Opioid Epidemic.

  • briteleaf

    I’d like to complain about machine trimmed weed for sale in shops. Take a little strong magnifier with you and take a look at it. The trichromes all look like what was left of the palm trees on Puerto Rico. The trichromes where most of the goodies are have all been stipped, Nobody will tell you whether they have lost 10% of their potency or 40% but they have. Mechanical trimmers take away jobs too but I’m just complaining that they take away so much of the goodies and then sell them back to you as expensive edibles or hash. So, the price might be stable but the quality of buds have greatly declined.

  • john sutton

    I’ve been a medical cannabis card holder for several years and use edibles mostly for sleep and pain! I’m shocked by the new potency regulations and the astronomical increase in prices! Please tell me there is an alternative to the 100 mg limit on THC? I’ve been using Korova 5150 500 mg bars that I’ve been getting in the past for about $25.00. I cut the bar into 16 pieces which is about 31 mg THC! The medical dispensary I go to has the new Korova equivalent product 10 cookies at 10 mg each at $10.00 is about double the old price! Currently at a SF Adult Use only dispensary the new Korova equivalent product 10 cookies at 10 mg each is $22.00 which is almost 5 times the cost before the new regulations! This is not acceptable, I know other people feel the same, where can I go to find out what alternatives are available, web sites or other resources? I feel I’ve been out of the loop and need to educate myself more!

  • KCredrage

    I notice that you have no information for my home state of North Dakota? Legalization of medical cannabis was passed by a voter approved Compassionate Care Act over 2 years ago! For being such a conservative State, I was both surprised and pleased that the voters approved its enactment!
    The States progress in implementation of the program has was pretty slow, but according to the last update I received from the State MMJ division, local Compassionate Care Centers (Dispensaries) should have product into qualifying patients hands at the end of this month (December) or sometime in January!
    It’s been a frustratingly long wait for me, as I am a Permanently Disabled Veteran who has been on OxyContin for over 14 years (it was the ONLY prescription drug that worked for me, after stepping through (trying) all other alternatives) and I have discussed transitioning to Medicinal Cannabis with my Dr., of 20 years, over a year and 1/2 ago. Upon my initial inquiry, he was totally for my switching to cannabis and said it would be the perfect medication for my complicated medical issues! I was surprised that he had such a positive reaction to me using it. He told me that cannabis has been a known, effective medicine in all physicians books, until its prohibition in the 1930’s, followed by mass government propaganda campaigns that followed. This was no surprise to me, as I had been reading up on the subject, ever since it got voted in! Just think….. almost a century of prohibition, lies, and (I’m sure payoffs to politicians by Big Pharma and pulp paper industry) kept this healhful medication out of the hands of needy, suffering patients! What both a shame and a scam our government is to those of us hard workering, law abiding citizens! Well, I was a hard working citizen until my Extreme medical complications took that away from me….
    I have an appointment with my Dr. within the week and I should be able to finish filling out my Application for the State Medical Marijuana Card…$50. After speaking to a nurse that was a part of the State’s MMJ program rollout, this will be implemented with kind of an “on going process” with the patients. I told her I was most concerned about how I was going to be able to afford my monthly supply of “medicine”! She also seemed concerned, as a lot of the initial patients are going to be persons who already shouldering financial burdens, due to low income and/or (like me) once they become disabled have had to support themselves and their families on a lower, fixed income!
    Hopefully, I will be getting off Big Pharma’s Overpriced Poison soon! Hopefully, President Trump will see what medical cannabis can provide as an effective alternative to Opiods to end the National Crisis and also provide a healthy alternative to Big Pharma’s growing list of poison, that are costing us too much money and too many possible severe side effects! NOBODY has EVER overdosed on marijuana! Think of that……

  • KCredrage

    An addendum to my previous comment. After searching out all the info I could on how to use medical marijuana and how to be able to afford its use on a monthly basis, I have the following info EVERYBODY should read! Especially, if you are going to start using cannabis medically, are surviving on a low, fixed income, and need suggestions on what to do. Hopefully, the following will help you save the hours I’ve alreadt spent researching this dilemma:
    I have studied all I can to find the most healthy, efficient….yet effective way to administer the cannabis. I have come to this conclusion; I am purchasing an Arizer Extreme Q desktop, tower Vaporizer (Canadian manuf. 🤔🥴) and use aftermarket modifications to the stock accessories. If anyone else is in this situation, you need to read the next paragraph!!!
    I was watching a YouTube video to pick out the best, yet most affordable, desktop Vape whose makers stood behind the product. That’s why I chose the Arizer Extreme Q! Arizer provides a 3 year warranty, plus a LIFETIME warranty on the oven (the most vulnerable part of it, IMO) Can’t beat that, anywhere! But then, I came across a person who had developed mods to the original glass bowl and accessories for the Extreme Q. He goes by the name of DDave and once I watched a review of his mods on YouTube, I was SOLD! I won’t go into too much detail, but his mods turn the Extreme Q into a cannabis saving, Super-Vape! No kidding! I should be able to use at least 1/2 or more of the cannabis normally used, for the same efface! Over time, the cost of the Vape with DDaves mods should pay for itself! I would say, in the first year ALONE!
    DDave has built a website where he sells his Mods. Just Google (or as I do..Duck Duck Go, no need to use personal data leeching/selling Google anymore) DDavemods or DDave mods and you should be able to find his website and products! Go on YouTube and search Arizer DDave Mods and watch the review video! After watching this, you will get the idea! I had to mention this, because I want to be what’s RIGHT with medical cannabis and be an advocate to those that are still wondering what to use and how can I afford monthly cannabis costs? Trust me, you WILL be astonished! You can thank me later! 🥴🥴

  • Michelle Catapang

    This content is very well-detailed and the informations are actually eye-opening. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Eddie

    Very thorough answer! Completely answered all of my question! I definitely will be getting a MMJ card! P.s I have the worst panic attacks and I also struggle with severe depression & anxiety. I’m only 25 & have been on so many Rx meds it’s ridiculous, the dosages are way too high and I’m scared of the effects it has on my body/mind/life. But in all honestly when I smoke marijuana, I feel so much better, literally the anxiety is gone, I have an appetite and my mood is elevated so where I no longer feels sad and depressed.
    Idk I live in Illinois and it has been legalized recreationally but the taxes are crazy high and the weed seems not really potent. I’m scared to tell my psych this because I do not want her to think badly of me. I honestly just want to better myself.