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10 Reasons Why We Love Working at Leafly

March 12, 2014

As I sit down to write this piece, King 5 News is shooting an interview with one of our founders about five feet away from me. None of us knew this was happening today – status quo at the Leafly headquarters. A couple weeks ago CNBC interviewed our fearless leader Brendan Kennedy near my desk; the videographer was kind enough to lend me his sweater to cover my hand and mute my mouse clicks.

Yet this buzzing publicity doesn’t even rank among the top reasons why we love working here. The real beauty of Leafly is rooted in the people that make it up and the incredibly stimulating position of the industry. We are seeing a shift in how we conduct work as a society and are starting to understand that content, inspired employees will not only produce better work, but they will commit their mental energy to your mission. Pair this understanding with a global vision that is so much bigger than yourself and you have yourself a surreal, once in a lifetime opportunity. And what’s better? We all know it.

With that, I give you the top 10 reasons why we love working at Leafly.


1. Dogs

So I’m the first person to be underwhelmed by the presence of a dog, but even I have to admit, office dogs are an ingredient for success. There is nothing you need more after you’ve been maniacally juggling nine different tasks than a furry little face snooping for affection. And there might be some truth to dog people being the best people. I think ‘furry-friendly’ is an honest component of our extensive, multi-step interview process.


2. Leadership

Perhaps it’s because they saw ahead and believed in something when most everyone else didn’t, or maybe because they have cultivated what we all cherish and fiercely protect, but we believe in our leadership. They’re visionaries, workaholics, brilliant, and on their worst days, hilarious. We’d follow them into a fire.


3. Diversity

We have people from all walks of life – from different parts of the world, different socioeconomic backgrounds, and wildly different interests. This gives all of us a balanced perspective by necessity and personal growth voluntarily. After all, we’re a company of connoisseurs, so each difference a colleague brings is a new path for all of us to explore.


4. Risk Takers

Likely the only downfall to working at Leafly is the added responsibility of correcting misperceptions many people have when you tell them about your career. Progressive thought is a gift but it can also be lonely, a feeling most risk takers understand. So while we understand the virtue in supporting this political and social liberation, not everyone does. The flip side is that the intolerant folks in your life become apparent, which can yield some interesting surprises.


5. Progressive

Along those same lines, progressive thinking is our bread and butter. The nature of our work alienates close-minded individuals, which is pretty convenient. This also means we’re at the pinnacle of change and working to stay abreast on a landscape that is evolving at lightning speed. Could you ask for more fulfilling work?


6. Intelligence

These aren’t people that necessarily aced every test they took (although I’m sure many did), but they’re people who seize opportunities when they find them. In an environment where your greatest value is your creativity, these individuals thrive. They have stellar taste and know how to have fun all day long, making the workday feel like workminutes.


7. Acceptance

A part of the intelligence, progressive nature, and risk-taking is tolerance. I can’t think of a single person that doesn’t like someone else in the office. It’s the era of getting weird and we couldn’t be happier.


8. Passion

Fulfilling work means emotional investment, which is ripe territory for passion. Most of us have taken a pay cut for a voluntary but taxing time commitment, but no one thinks to complain. When someone suggests leaving Leafly we all just laugh. We’ll be with Leafly as long as Leafly will have us.


9. Speed

This is second to best for good reason – stimulation is not without at the Leafly Headquarters. Nothing to do? Lies, there is always a pie to put your hand in. And having no time to waste also means no time for miscommunication, no time for emotional pettiness, not even time for stress. You save that energy for something positive. #LiveLeafly


10. Winning

I know from a lifetime in athletics that nothing runs as smoothly as it does when you win. Smiles are abundant, moods are high, and excitement is palpable. We’re experiencing change, seeing progress realized, and riding this wave with the rest of you as long as the energy lasts.

Image Credit: PaulCheksBlog